Why StoresOnline?

Because we are the most complete eCommerce and marketing service provider because of our best-of-breed software, customer service and training.

At StoresOnline, we are focused on providing the best-of-class eCommerce and web hosting tools to help entrepreneurs gather, design and publish websites, promote and manage their internet businesses online. At StoresOnline, we provide best-of-class, meaning we “include” many tools through our on-demand software model that allow entrepreneurs and smaller businesses and opportunity to compete by their use of our shared resources, people and technology.

It is our goal to be the most complete online resource for hosted web presence, ecommerce and marketing services for entrepreneurs. StoresOnline is for entrepreneurs seeking a trusted resource to help them launch and/or manage their online business.

We have designed a simple 5-step approach to help our customers tackle their internet business objectives:

  1. Prepare – Uses our comprehensive suite of Intelligence tools to gather the knowledge and research required to differentiate your internet business
  2. Design –From simple to robust websites with remarkable ease. Our design tools are fully featured.
  3. Publish – Ready to publish, we enable you to add sophistication via our extensive shopping cart features, access levels and publishing management tools.
  4. Promote – building your website is only one part of the equation, without a methodology to promotion, you may not get the leads and convert sales results. Learn how to avoid this common mistake, presence is only half the battle, building market demand and conversion are keys to your success. Learn the nuances associated with link, affliliate, paid and organic search and more.
  5. Manage – Hosting structures, reporting, exceptional customer service and support are central to growing your online business both by day and night. We’ve got your back office covered.

Prepare – Plan, Measure and Improve Your Website

The tools in StoresOnline’s Research Suite are designed to provide you with the knowledge, research and analysis needed to successfully position your website for results. Most business that fail to do the preparation and analysis to position their company, will not have strong results, so we believe it is a critical to preparing you with the right analysis and keyword planning tools to help you differentiate your business from other companies online:

Reverse Search Engine – Do you know how many times real internet users are searching for your products on the leading search engines? And do you know the keywords they use to search them? Using our StoresOnline Research suite, you will garner the specific information required to make smart decisions as you gather and prepare your internet strategy.

Keyword Cloud™-- You know how your website looks to you, but how does it look to search engines? Build your website for success, so it will achieve optimal search engine rankings. This tool helps you prepare for improving your search engine standings.

Keyword AnalysisAnalyze any website page for keyword density and placement. Learn to optimize your keywords in the body, titles and metatags. Wonder why some pages are not working as well as others, like anything you, you need to be able to measure your results to determine where to make improvements.

Keyword Comparative Tool How does your website stack up to your competition? How many times do the leading sellers of your products use their target keyword in their websites? This reconnaisssance tools is invaluable to helping you determine what keyword will win the battle of the search engines.

Integrated Drop-shipping – want to drop-ship someone else’s product exclusively, or along with your other products? No problem. StoresOnline Pro is seamlessly integrated with many leading industry dropshippers. Choose your best products to sell, then shop your choices from Premier Product International, ChanX, Moteng, ezDrop Shipper, RC Hobby Explosion, East West Imports & Services, Green Supply, Jewelry Sprite, Operation Dropship, Movies 4 Wholesale, Click Sell Go, Buy Wellness, XS Depot, and Computer Gallery.

Design– Build Your Online Image

The tools in StoresOnline’s Design Suite includes a full range of tools to help you build a website, whether this is your first, or whether have a proven track record of online success. The tools in StoresOnline’s Design Suite includes:

    • "Design Gallery" Access- Change the Look of Your Site in Just a Few Clicks
    • Ability to Use Category Graphics, Subcategory Graphics, and Even Display Products in Single Rows, a 3x3 Grid, Large photos, Small Photos, Short & Simple List and more
    • Highly Customizable and Ready-to-Use
    • Easy Loading Free Templates
    • Preview Design Templates Before They Are Published
    • Easy to Change Image Gallery
    • Simplified Graphics Upload Process

Malleable Templates™- StoresOnline Pro allows you to drag and drop the major design elements within yourr storesfront. Don’t like where the navigation bar is located, then, simply grab it and drag it to its new location. Don’t like how the standardized colors in your template? Then customized them to your satisfaction. Change fonts, locations, styles, stylesheets, CSS, and even include HTML (optional) for further personalization of your business’ website. With StoresOnline Pro, you only design limitation is your own imagination.

StoresOnline Image Server – We didn’t know what this was either, until our engineers showed us how it works. With the image server, you don’t have to fuss over cropping and adjusting images using photo or graphics programs. Just upload your images to your website. The StoresOnline Image Server will take it from there, optimizing each image for quick Internet usage and cropping it to exactly fit in to your design where you have placed it. Cool, huh? When you have 100 products, it’s a big time saver!

Quick Product Upload – you can build each of your product pages, one at a time, inside of StoresOnline, importing each piece of information (price, description, graphic, etc.) at a time. Or, if you have several products or even several hundred, then you can import them all at once from Microsoft ExcelTM or any other spreadsheet program.

Integrated Data Feeds Do you want your website to integrate with eBay, Quicken, or any number of RSS feeds? Just a few clicks and you are ready to go in StoresOnline Pro. If you use the integrated dropshippers with StoresOnline Pro, you can even tie products and inventory mangement into your website.

Built-in Forum and Blogs --  Forum and blogs are Web 2.0 must haves because they are the latest way to improve your websites’ “relevance” in the search rankings. As you and your users post new content through your StoresOnline blog or forum, your online businesses importance to the search engines will increase and your site will rise gaining you more viewers from the internet.

Technology Demonstration Videos

Build Environment Video (SWF: 4.9MB / 1:26 min)
Page & Design Management Video (SWF: 8.7MB / 2:01 min)

Publish– Web Presence with a Professional Customer Experience

Leverage extensive shopping cart features, access levels and publishing management tools. It can be as easy at click and go, but if you require a complete shopping experience, we are here to support robust eCommerce. Our publishing suite includes top-shelf features for the entreprenuer or small business who wants to project a larger company presence:

    • One-Page Checkout with Guest Registration
    • Post and View Customer Reviews
    • Customer Can View Recent History
    • Lists Available Accessories for Products
    • Email A Friend – email a friend a product they might be interested in
    • Customer Shopping Cart Summary
    • Gift Wrapping Option
    • Wish List Feature
    • Large Variety of Customizable Navigation Styles
    • Browse Products by Category
    • Built-In Search Capability
    • View Related Products
    • Sort Search Results
    • Customer Account Login – Create an Account or Remain Anonymous
    • Customer Can Update Information Within Their Account
    • Customer Can View Orders
    • Customer Can Track Packages Live
    • Accept Credit Cards, Checks, PayPal and Google Checkout With Ease
    • Extended Google Checkout Functionality
    • Tax Calculation System
    • Supports PayPal Payment Services
    • Support for Additional International PayPal Currencies
    • Integrated Currency Conversion
    • Integrates with Existing or New Merchant Accounts
    • Payment Processing at Time of Sale
    • Supports Recurring Payments
    • Supports Automated Promotional Pricing
    • Accurate Tax Calculation Based on Customer's Location
    • Ability to Specify Tax-Exempt Customers or Products
    • CVV2 (Security Code) Support
    • Configurable Currency Symbol

Visa / MC / Discover / AMEX / Paypal / Google Checkout Logos

Product variationsDo you have a products with variations in color, size, styles or more? Simple order forms force you to create individual products for each option so a shirt that is available in 3 colors and 5 sizes would require you to generate 15 separate product pages. StoresOnline Pro eliminates this simple order approach, by allowing you to add variations to your products with ease. Save time and effort. Research competitor’s product offers to ensure that you know what features you are really getting.

Subscription/Registration – What if your product includes a newsletter or some other communication that requires your users to register? StoresOnline Pro has you covered. Gather, manage and maintain your customer information and access for newsletters and information products with our built-in registration and subscription support.

Multiple Tax Support – Tax ramifications on internet commerce are still evolving, But you do have to collect taxes on sales made to customer who buy from within your own state. What if you state is one that has different tax rates for each county? The tax collection for these customers can be overwhelming, but StoresOnline Pro’s sophisticated rules-based tax capabilities allow you to create as complex (or simple) a tax collection structure for your online sales as needed. And if you are still in need of further assistances, talk to our Tax Advisor services team for additional support.

Multi-Discount Support – Our StoresOnline Pro supports volume discounting, suggestive selling (for add-on options) integration to UPS shipping, digital coupons and more.

Access LevelsOnce you have published your site, you may run into similar requirements of any business…who is going to access what information? What if you want to provide a reseller or a dropshipper access to your site, but you wish to limit their capabilities or perhaps you want employees to monitor, but activate changes. We’ve got you covered, StoresOnline enables you to adjust the information available to each specific user so if you hav some of your products in your warehouse, but have dropshipping arrangements with two-other companies, the correct supplier can be notified via email whenever a product is ordered. You can also use StoresOnline’s multiple price set functions to show reseller prices to those who you have authorized for a special access code, while the general public maintains access to MSRP pricing.

Publish Support Publishing is as easy as clicking one button and your website is live! Publishing is easy! Storesonline Pro wants you to stay on your feet, so even while you have a site posted, you can be working on your next version of your storefront behind the scenes, while your previous version is still visible on the internet processing customer orders. You don’t have to publish your new version until you are ready. One click, and your new site replaces the older one, but let’s say you want to go back to an older version, then, StoresOnline keeps a record of your last three versions of your website. Make a simple call to customer service.

Technology Demonstration Videos

Product Management Video (SWF: 2.8MB / 1:15 min)

eCommerce Administration Video (SWF: 4.3MB / 1:40 min)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Video (SWF: 4.0MB / 1:19 min)

Promote– Web 2.0 Requires Interactive Web Marketing

While the internet has been around for more than a decade, entrepreneurs to large corporations are just beginning to adapt with the downturn in the economy. Many companies are struggling to bridge online marketing tactics, but StoresOnline is here to help you make the smooth transition.

    • Search Engine Optimized
    • Abandoned/Live Cart Section- View Cart Contacts in Real-Time
    • Dynamically Generated Static HTML Page Creation and Product and Category Index
    • Google Sitemap Generator (/google_sitemap.asp)
    • Advanced Newsletter System for Higher Deliverability and Open Rates
    • Paginated Product Index
    • Export Feeds to Third Party Shopping Marketplaces
    • Built-in E-Mail Marketing/Newsletter Marketing
    • Coupon Generation System
    • Gift Certificates
    • Quantity Discounting
    • Free Shipping Option
    • Gift Wrapping & Gift Notes
    • Customizable Checkout Fields

Manage– Comprehensive, Complete and Flexible Fulfillment.

    • Powerful Administrative Control Center
    • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
    • Reporting Section- Generate Custom
      Reports and Graphs
    • Customizable Real-Time Executive Dashboard
    • ROI Tracking
    • View & Process Orders Online
    • Ability to Print Packing Slips, Receipts and Invoices
    • Inventory Management
    • Low Quantity Alarm
    • Vendor Support
    • Generate Reports and Statistics for Information on Customers, Products, Affiliates and Sales
    • Easily Enable or Disable Store Features
    • Integrated WYSIWYG Editor
    • Completely Integrated "Instant Help" and "Certified Training"
    • Administration "To Do" List
    • QuickEdit Toolbar
    • Phone Order Page Supports Anonymous Checkout
    • Syntax Highlighting for HTML
    • Easily Create “Free Shipping” Coupons for Customers
    • Specify Maximum Text Length on Options
The Network
    • 24x7x365 server monitoring
    • Highest security levels
    • PCI compliance
    • Nightly site Backups
    • Offsite tape rotation
    • High performance bandwidth
    • 9 level Network redundancy
The Data Centers
    • 24x7 interior and exterior surveillance
    • N+1 redundant UPS power backup
    • On site Diesel generators
    • Advanced fire suppression systems
    • Redundant fiber entry points

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