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Interaction and word-of-mouth referals have changed the way we communicate, share, collaborate and reference business experiences using the internet. Web 2.0 is a fact of life, and has brought disruptive change to the way you communicate online. The current market demands that you mix your website with interactive tools such as voice, video and community forums and blogs. StoresOnline believes the future of the web will continue to leverage these sharing experieces in new and innovative ways.

One of the great benefits of being a StoresOnline merchant is that they are always looking for ways to improve your business and help you make more money! This month we want to introduce to you what may be the most exciting and significant change in the history of marketing on the Internet and you are probably not using it!

Commonly, users are missing the education and training needed to learn to effectively promote their website. The benefit of a relationship with StoresOnline is that we offer the training, education and one-on-one customer service to help you with the tools and support to build your website's traffic demand.

Every website owner will tell you that "Traffic" and "Relevancy" in the search engines are what differentiate their websites from their competition. With work and effort, you can accomplish the same. And we are here to help you success at learning what steps are needed to generate more traffic demand to your site.

An excerpt from the

    “Innovations like YouTube, IPTV, high-definition video and mobile phone cameras are driving this new wave of data—or exaflood—of Internet and IP traffic,” said Bret Swanson, an adjunct fellow at the Discovery Institute and co-author of the report. “Many of the new online opportunities we can’t even imagine today. But these exciting applications and services will only be possible if we make large new investments in broadband fiber-optic and wireless networks.

An excerpt from PC World

    Video will drive a 21 percent compound annual growth rate in business IP traffic across WANs from 2006 to 2011, according to a forecast on global IP traffic released this week by Cisco.

    That and consumer traffic, which will surpass business IP traffic in 2008, will cause overall IP traffic to almost double every two years through 2011, the Cisco report finds. Total IP traffic will nearly quintuple in the five-year period from 2006 to 2011, driven by high definition video and high speed broadband penetration, the firm says.

Custom Home Page Video and Two Selected Videos!

The “Gold Package” increases your personal appeal to customers because it includes a customized “HOME PAGE” video with your company name and specific business, products, or services emphasized.

It also includes specially created videos for both your “Products” page and also your “Contact Us” page just as in the above Silver Package.
We will contact you for the details to customize your “Home Page” welcome.

Gold Package

Get Started Now!

Recording of your customized “Home Page” video will be completed in just 7 -10 business days. It will then be ready for your website!

You may choose whichever model will best represent each of the above pages by clicking on the “View Models” button.

Make your choice now and we will get the ball rolling!

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Normally $1,699 - Limited Time Only $1,249!

The "Platinum Package" is designed to not only emphasize your business but also includes a "show and tell" for any of your products.

You simply send us your product, we will contact you for correct script instructions, and one of our models will "show" or "demonstrate" it on your video. It then will appear on your video to create more sales.

One Custom Home Page Video and Two Selected Videos!

The “Platinum Pakage” is designed to not only emphasize your business but also includes a “show and tell” for any of your products.
You simply send us your product, we will contact you for correct script instructions, and then one of our models will “show” or “demonstrate” it on your video. It then will appear on your video to create more sales.

Platinum Package

Get Started Now!

So, choose your model, send us your product, and a customized video will be underway. In just 7-10 business days it will be ready for your website!

View Models Buy Now View Sample

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a list of frequently asked questions that we find are on the minds of most clients.

Q: How can my website stand out?
A: Did you know there are nearly 1½ billion Internet users in the world today? What can you do to make your website stand out from all the others? The answer is simple, and you are probably not using it yet. Make your website speak for itself! How do you do that? Place a video on your website with a spokesperson telling your unique story.

Websites with a video spokes-person increases your credibility, generates more interest, improves your leads, and the result is more sales.
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Q: Is a website video expensive?
A: There are several kinds of videos. Some, by virtue of what they do are more expensive than others. The first kind is a general information video. These may show a spokes-model appearing on your website and giving a general marketing and endorsement message. These are the least expensive. In most instances they are less than $700.

The second type is "custom" informational videos. This type of video has a customized script and a market specific message. Contact for price quotations.

The third type is a technical or training video and has a more lengthy script and information or training material. These are the most expensive and are dependant of the length of the script. Contact for specific quotes.
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Q: How long does it take to produce a video?
A: The general informational video can be produced and ready in about 10 business days. Customized videos can be produced in the same 10 day period after a final "script" is completed. Technical and Training videos may take longer depending on how extensive they are.
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Q: Can I choose which spokes-model I want?
A: Yes. We have several spokes-models from which to choose. Select male or female, young or mature, and any other features you feel will best represent your company and products. All of our "talent," or spokes-models, have experience and are "directed" in each video to provide the very best business message possible.
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Q: Who creates or writes the script?
A: We have already created scripts for most industries. On our staff are professional ad-copy writers that emphasize not just features and advantages, but more importantly, the benefits of doing business with you. We place special priority on a "call to action" to generate more business for you.
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Q: Can I provide or write my own script?
A: Yes. This becomes a "custom" video. You may forward to us your script. Our professional ad-copy people will contact you and go over the details with you. They will provide marketing tips and helps to ensure the greatest impact for your video.
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Q: Is there a fee for using my own script?
A: Yes. Because we will need to work with you to optimize your marketing script, there is a fee for those services. The fee will be dependent upon the length of the video, and how much time is required to finalize the script.
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Q: Who hosts the video?
A: hosts the video. We have state of the art servers to do so that maximum performance and professional can be assured.
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Q: How does the video get onto my website?
A: We will provide for you a simple "string" of programming code which you can have you website hosting company insert into your website code. You simply chose the place where you want your spokes-model to appear.
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Q: Who produces the video?
A: produces the video. They are done on site. We have our own cameras, lights, audio equipment, green room for video production, etc., by having it on site we can assure quality control for our clients. We use the latest technology available to guarantee professionalism.
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Q: How long does it take my video to load?
A: The length of time for a download of the video will depend on the type of equipment and internet connection your customer has. We use the latest techniques and equipment to optimize or reduce the download time. It will be as fast as your customer's equipment will allow.

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