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High Performance
High Performance

(CRN Registered Across Canada)

STHW (Wafer) & STHL (Lug)

Sizes: 2" to 12"

Pressure Classes: 150 and 300 ANSI.

Body Material: Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

Seat Material: Soft Seat (PTFE/RTFE), Metal Seat (A240 Tp 316/304).

Operation: Lever or Gear.

Lug Drilling: 150 and 300 ANSI.

Universal Wafer Drilling:ANSI 150, JIS 10/16K, DIN PN10/16. ANSI 300, JIS 20/30K, DIN PN25/40.

Tight Shut Off Design.

One Piece Body Design.

High Strength A564 Gr.630 One Piece Stem.

ISO 5211 Direct mounting pad and square stem design allow for easy pneumatic or electric automation.

Double Off-Set configuration with conical disc design for maximized flow and minimized resistance providing high CV.

Interchangeable Seat Design for easy repair or seat material change.

Gland Flange prevents uneven load distribution against packing.

Internal travel stop design to prevent over travel of the disc, minimizing possible seat damage.

Retainer ring surface finished to 125 to 200 AARH and is compatible with both standard and spiral wound gasket designs. Outside diameter is recessed within gasket sealing surface to prevent external leakage.

Heavy duty handle design and 10 position notch plate allows for positioning of the disc to precise angle stops.


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