Fry Road Nursery


is located just east of Albany, Oregon.

You will find plants that are:

…not sprayed with growth regulators commonly used to extend shelf life. They are grown unhampered from cutting or seed to take off quickly in your garden. Growth regulators are used only on a few select plants if they enhance final garden performance.

…propagated legally: all restrictions and royalties are observed.

…carefully selected: we are constantly improving our selection of new and exotic plants.

…available throughout most of the year: since we are propagators as well as growers, some size is usually available year- round.

…not sold before their time: we will not try to send plants earlier in the season than is best for their ultimate performance and survival.

…custom propagated for your individual needs : we are always happy to help you obtain plants by custom propagation or special ordering to your size and variety specifications.

...sold by folks available for advice along the wayWe are eager to be your partners in the fun and adventure of gardening!

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