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Getting Started With StoresOnline

Hey there! If you are visiting this page, odds are that you are thinking about or have already signed up with StoresOnline. You may have even read my StoresOnline Testimonial.  I get questions and phone calls all the time so let me answer a few questions upfront:

  • Yes, I'm a real person who paid $6000+ for my StoresOnline store builders in 2004.
  • No, I have never worked for StoresOnline or any of it's partners.
  • Yes, I have made my initial investment back in profits, many times over.
  • Yes, building my sites were easy, but took time and patience.
  • No, I did not receive any of the StoresOnline Coaching, I couldn't afford it when it was offered to me.

Ok now that those inital questions are out of the way, I want to share some exicting news.  I am putting together a series of tutorial videos that will walk you through building a website with StoresOnline, while designing with SEO in mind.  The videos will eventually have a cost to access them, but for those that sign up now, you can access the videos (even new ones) for FREE.  All I ask is that you give your brutally honest opinions and ask plenty of questions about SEO and the StoresOnline store builder.  Just use the form below to signup!

I look forward to answering your questions and reviewing your feedback!

Tamikia Alford, Founder


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