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Boys Knickers Clothing History
Boys Clothing History - Knickers | Short Pants

Boys Clothing History - Knickers | Short Pants

boys knickers with suspenders 

History of Boy’s Clothing 




Up until the latter part of the nineteenth century, little boys clothing was virtually the same as their sisters.   Boys wore dresses until they were “breached” at about the age of four or five.  In the early 1900’s toddler boys began to be clothed in short pants or romper suits.


Knickers originally were short pants with elastic bottoms and resembled bloomers.  They were styled in the above-the-knee fashion for little tykes, and below-the-knee for their school-age brothers.  Knickers had been worn by the more affluent children in American in the years just after the Civil War.   Knickers then evolved and were fastened with a buckle or button and worn with knee socks.  A boy’s change from knickers to full-length pants symbolized his passing into manhood.


American boys between the two world wars wore knickers suits.  Little boys wore shorts and were always anxious to graduate to wearing knickers.  Knickers came to be a symbol of American boyhood in the years from approximately 1910 to 1930.    They were usually worn with long stockings or knee socks.  Long over-the-knee stockings were more prevalent from around 1910 to the mid 1920’s.  Younger boys wore knickers above the knee.  Older boys preferred the more grown-up version buckling below the knee.  The 1920’s saw boys wearing knickers up until about the age of 13 or 14. 


Our vintage-style knickers all are worn below the knee and fasten with matching buttons.  This gives a little more latitude for the growing child and allows some adjustability for length.  Our knee socks are made to coordinate with the knickers outfits to complete the style.  Most of our knickers outfits have matching newsboy caps which also were stylish for young boys in the same time period as knickers.   For a true vintage look, and also for a unique adorable outfit for your little man, our knickers outfits are perfect.  See our collection of 4 and 5-pc knickers outfits for your little guy!   Our offerings are listed at the end of this article for your convenience.   



Our vintage-style knickers and outfits are perfect for vintage-style weddings and portraits.  Professional children’s photographers have purchased our products to stock their wardrobes for special vintage portraits.  For any special occasion where a unique outfit will make your little guy the “star of the show” please browse our collection.  We’re sure you will find an outfit that will fit perfectly.

Boys dress knickers outfit

Unique Boys Knickers Outfits

Unique Boys Knickers Outfits

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Boys Black Tuxedo-Style Knickers Outfit - Infant to Boys Size 8Boys Black Tuxedo-Style Knickers Outfit - Infant to Boys Size 8Boys Black Tuxedo Style Knickers Outfit complete with Velvet Suspenders, Black Bowtie, Long-Sleeved Dress Shirt, and Newsboy Cap. Dress Knickers outfit for Weddings, Ringbearers suit, portraits, vintage-style. Unique alternative to tuxedo or dress suits for your little guy! Unique Boy Dress Clothes. Available in Sizes from 9M thru 24M Infant, 1T to 4T Toddlers and NOW NEW SIZES BOYS 5 thru 8
Dress Knickers Outfit Dark Navy with Velvet VestDress Knickers Outfit Dark Navy with Velvet VestDress style Formal Knickers 5-Pc Outfit for Easter, Weddings, Ringbearer Suit, Portraits, Special Occassions. Darling boys dress suit with matching accessories. Infants , Toddlers, and Boys Sizes 4-7. Knickers Retro-Look in Dress Styling with Jaunty Newsboy Cap!
Infant Boys Knickers with Red Velvet Vest 5-PCInfant Boys Knickers with Red Velvet Vest 5-PCInfant Boys Knickers 5-piece Outfit with Red Velvet Vest, Shirt, Bow Tie, Cap. Sizes 3 months to 24 months. Complete outfit perfect for holidays, weddings, portraits. Infant Boys Dress Outfit.
Toddler Dress Knickers 5 Pc with Bright Red VestToddler Dress Knickers 5 Pc with Bright Red Vest
Vintage-Style Knickers Outfit Newborn to Boys Size 8Vintage-Style Knickers Outfit Newborn to Boys Size 85-pc adorable little boy's knickers outfit with newsboy cap, embroidered suspenders and clip-on bowtie is too cute to pass up! Vintage style suit is perfect for pictures, weddings, family gatherings, birthdays. He'll be the "star of the show"! Sizes Infants, Toddler, and Boys dress outfit. Now up to Size 8!!
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