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1.  Welcome!

1. Welcome!

We are thrilled that you are planning on joining us at QUALITY INN Garden Of The Gulf, 618 Water Street East.

We are excited to be returning for another weekend of fun! 
We will be croppin' Friday May 1 1pm - 11pm, Saturday May 2 9am - 11pm, and Sunday May 3 9am - 4pm.

Early Bird Registration is $70+tax.
As of April 1, 2020 the registration rate increases to $80+tax. 

Keep in mind we are ONLY accepting 40 registrations - be sure if you are registering and planning on sitting as a group that you all register around the same time as we are unable to hold seats.
The address is 618 Water Street East, contact phone number  902 436 2295.

A view of the facility:

2.  Meals & Accommodations

2. Meals & Accommodations

Each person is responsible for their own meals & accommodations throughout the weekend. There is a restaurant on-site. You can check out the menu here:

Because there is catering on-site, you are not permitted to bring food into the crop room. You can, however, take food up to your hotel room. NOTE: If you are staying on-site, breakfast is included in the cost of your hotel room.

Please note that we also ask that no children under the age of 10 are in the crop room. Also, please be aware due that we will be a scent-free event due to the number of gals whom attend with scent-sensitivities. TKS!

The Quality Inn Garden of the Gulf has offered us a hotel room rate of $109.00+tax per single room, $119.00+tax for 2/ room, $129+tax for 3/room, or $139+tax for 4/room. Breakfast is included. To book your room, please call the hotel at  902 436 2295 - please specify the Quality Inn & Suites, Garden of the Gulf, you are attending the scrapbook event with The Scrap Shack on Oct 18-20.

3.  Overnights

3. Overnights

4.  Overnights - 2

4. Overnights - 2

My hotel roommate(s) will be:

5.  Bill To

5. Bill To

First Name*

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Postal Code*


Day Phone*

Evening Phone

6.  Attendance

6. Attendance

Crop hours are Friday, May 1 1pm - 11pm, Saturday, May 2 9am - 11pm, & Sunday, May 3 9am - 4pm.

Early Bird Registration is $70+tax.
As of April 1, 2020 the registration rate is $80+tax.
7.  Tablemates

7. Tablemates

Please list the names of those you would like to be seated with.

8.  Payment

8. Payment

9.  Cancellation Policy

9. Cancellation Policy

10.  Security Code

10. Security Code

If selecting credit card, please list in the white box with STEP 10 your 3 digit CVV (security code) from the back of the credit card. It will also prompt for this same information in STEP 11 (unfortunately our system doesn't let us see it from Step 11). 

Payment choices are CASH/DEBIT/CREDIT in store, CREDIT via website, or ETRANSFER to -- if you are paying in store or by etransfer, select payment by CHEQUE. Payment must be received within 7 days to hold your seat.

When you click NEXT, it will come back with an error indicating "You must select a payment method". Please do not be alarmed. Simply complete the information in Number 11 (which will now be showing). THANKS!

NOTE: If you are not paying credit card, please enter NA. And in the next step, select Cheque and indicate NA.