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1.  Welcome!

1. Welcome!

We are so glad you have decided to join us!
We are looking forward to a great time at THE SCRAP SHACK.

We will spend the day laying out and creating a FLIP FOLD 12x12 ALBUM from Heartfelt Creations. 

Join us on Saturday February 16, 10am - 7pm.

Class cost is $80.00+ tax which includes the album.
You will need to bring papers from any Heartfelt Creations collection of your choice
plus any inks you would like to use! We will work together on each of the pages. Class will start at 10am. We will break for lunch, and 
then you will be able to continue to craft through the afternoon (and if needed, into the early evening)! 

Know what photos you want to use? Feel free to bring them along, plus any other embellishments you would like to incorporate. 

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