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Product Retail Wholesale Total Description
ColorCard Set 24.95 14.97 Book and set of 16 cards boxed
Mini ColorCards 7.50 4.50 Small set of cards with information on the cards
Luminaries 25.00 15.00 Book and 24 round mandala art cards 
Harmony CD 12.00 6.00 CD to breathe 12 complementary colors to balance chakras
Crystal in Heart 12.00 6.00 CD of the Crystalline Energies
Diamond Grid 12.00 6.00 CD to experience the diamond grid and manifest from there (advanced)
Bach Flower Music 34.95 20.97 CD 1 Remedy Finder; CD 2 music in Bach Flower Vibrations
Trans Lumens (each) 15.00 7.50 24 Large Art Prints (8-1/2x11) (Art as found in Luminaries)
 Basic Color Course CD  247.00 197.60  The $247 is a discounted price.  Regular price is $289
Minimum order of $100
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Call 1-360-450-6849

Wholesale metaphysical/spiritual products that include color therapy, sound therapy, and personal growth
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CD Set: Bach Flower MusicCD Set: Bach Flower MusicMusic in the vibrations of the Bach Flower Remedies to shift emotions and whatever blocks you.
CD:Crystal in the Heart
CD:The Diamond GridCD:The Diamond GridExperience the light grid that holds all things in place. Learn to manifest your desires through the colors and light grid while listening to Arlene Arnols's soothing voice.
ColorCardsColorCardsEmpower Your Life through Color
Course:Level 1 Basic Color Course Home Study PlusCourse:Level 1 Basic Color Course Home Study PlusUnique, powerful color therapy techniques to bring you back into the flow of life now available through an online course.
Luminaries Mandala Card DeckLuminaries Mandala Card Deck24 round mandala cards of Sacred Geometry Art and a book of Inspired Verse create a high vibrational oracle of transformation. 
Mini ColorCardsMini ColorCardsSmall carry-in-your-pocket cards for immediate focus to bring balance to any situation you encounter. Complementary colors are noted on each card telling you how to use the colors for balance
  E-mail Contact Form:  We welcome your questions & suggestions!

E-mail Contact Form: We welcome your questions & suggestions!

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