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Is your stress response shutting you down?

Do you flee the problem and find the food or other destructive behavior?

Do you freeze and find yourself unable to take the next step?

The WiseHeart Applied Relaxation Process Protocol addresses the sensory overload problem that many people experience as the flight, freeze or flee response. With the graduated awareness and training of muscles, breath, thoughts, images and behaviors, the stress response can be dismantled and repatterned.

The mind can not hold onto fearful or obsesive thoughts with a relaxed body. Bad behavior doesn't happen when we are breathing properly to oxygenate our brains.
It really is that simple. With a system of specific exercises practiced repetitively, you can change the neural patterning of your brain and the physiological response of your body.

This system was developed from personal experience and took me from 300lbs to nearly half that and from under-earning to owning my own business and setting my own limits. It is part of our intensive treatment for food addiction and it is effective with even our most chronic cases, helping to alleviate the crushing need to medicate their bodies with food.

But keeping them out of the kitchen and in the game is just part of the solution, it also allows them to create the change and growth they need to really master wellness, wealth and wonder.

It's been working for me for decades, it might just be your get out of jail free card too!

We are now beta testing - which means doing the first run of this as an online program.
You can purchase the program for just $44 dollars for a limited time by just providing feedback!
On the official launch going to eating disorder institutions, performance coaches in sports and business and medical agencies
we will be charging $174.00 Purchase now

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WiseHeart Relaxation Applied Process Protocol

WiseHeart Relaxation Applied Process Protocol

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