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Shipping and Payment details form

Shipping and Payment details form

To add or modify order, go to your shopping cart to the right.  View items you have selected and edit if required.     

To process your order a "shipping form" must be filled, then select a "shipper " and proceed to the "BILL TO" form.  All the required fields on the forms must be filled in order to finalize your purchase.

  Shipping method.

Shipping cost is automatically adjusted and added to your total.  

 Fill out the secure form and then select carrier of your choice and proceed by selecting " NEXT" button.   This will take you to the "BILL TO" secured form.

For CUSTOMER destinations in Edmonton, Nisku, St.Albert, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Devon, Calmar and Beaumont, Alberta Canada please call 780-980-2374 for FREE SHIPPING.

" BILL TO"   

Make choice of "same address" or fill in detailed address if shipment is being delivered to a different address.


Make your selection to pay via credit card of your choice or PayPal account.

Special note to persons using  AMERICAN EXPESS  or DISCOVER CARDS for payment.
These purchases must be finalized by calling our desk at toll free 1-866-980-2374  because items are priced in CANADIAN DOLLARS.

Make sure all information is correct before selecting  "SUBMIT" button. Otherwise an error code will be displayed.    


If you find some difficulty with this, place your order by calling our customer service at the toll free number listed which serves all of North America.

TOLL FREE number:   1-866-980-2374 

Any questions that you may have in regards to product, shipping, purchasing, etc.  will be answered via

e-mail  or  telephone.

  • Minimum order purchase required is $25.00
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