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Questions About Your Order or the Ordering Process?

You can contact Store-It Foods by phone (204)728-2955 or by emailing us at support@storeitfoods.com.

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Save on Shipping

Save on Shipping

There is generally no mimimum order size, but please be aware that (except in the case of "Free Shipping" discounts) there is a minimum shipping charge of $6.25, and, in the case of orders under $15,  a small order handling fee.  Quite often, since there is little extra packaging involved, it normally costs little more to arrange to ship a second or third item.
Ordering Problem?

Ordering Problem?

Card Processing Not Working?
This can arise from time to time, especially for larger orders.
You may find that your credit card company is being extremely diligent in trying to protect you against a possible criminal use of your card, and, in attempting to place an order, you may receive the error message, "This order cannot be processed."
Store-It Foods is a registered Canadian company with deliveries that are handled by what might best be termed "factory direct" methods.  In other words, the orders placed are shipped directly to our customers from the manufacturer or their designated agent.  We find it a very cost effective way of doing business, and all of these suppliers are US based so American purchasers do not have to contend with any international shipping. 
Unfortunately, some credit card companies, noting that payment is being attempted to a Canadian address, will not immediately authorize the transaction (error 15005) out of concern that it might be fraudulent.
Generally, a phone call to the issuer of your card can quickly resolve the issue.  Once they realize that it is really you making the purchase, authorization is speedily given.  Alternatively, switching to another credit card may avoid this roadblock entirely.