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Product Improvements

HOTSTART is introducing a new improvement for its line of tank style coolant heaters. The thermostat housing assembly will change from plastic to aluminum on all CB/CL, SB/SL and WL
series engine heaters. This will improve durability, performance and installation flexibility. The new thermostat design will be available January 1, 2010.
The updated housing features a 1” female NPT threaded port for easy connections with male NPT threaded adapters. This will simplify hose connections and eliminate excess hose couplers. The new assembly also features easy access to the interchangeable fixed or  adjustable sensing unit.
The new thermostat design will be available as a component on thermostatically controlled tank style coolant heaters or as a replacement unit for existing and future HOTSTART heaters. Customers will notice a slight difference in part numbers for heaters that  include a thermostat assembly. The three-digit suffixes on existing part numbers will change to -200.

Example of current part number: CB125210-000
Change to: CB125210-200

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Acura Embedded Systems

Innovative Solutions for the Harshest Environments

     Acura Embedded systems is a designer and manufacturer of ruggedized computers, touch screen and Digital Video recorder for use by commercial business, heavy industries like Oil-Gas, Mining , First responders and Military. We began manufacturing our first mobile computers in 1994 for use in industrial automation and soon moved on to large scale implementation for port automation, First responders like fire, police and ambulance applications. Due to increased demand of rugged computers and panel mount computers for hazard location in Oil-Gas and Mining, we developed and certified our Panel Mount computers for Hazard location computers and Digital Video recorder.

Acura PowerBrick 5.0

Acura PowerBrick 5.0
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PowerBrick 5.0

The PowerBrick 5.0 is a new generation rugged mobile computer with design based on MIL-STD-810F standard for heavy industrial field mobile vehicular applications such as Oil, Gas and Mining trucks or seaport cranes or even petroleum platform helicopter services. With Intel Generation 3 Core i3/i7 (1.7~2.20 GHz) processor and two fast Solid State Drives mounted in a Removable Dual Hot Swappable SATA Storage which has RAID feature, the PowerBrick5.0 is built to withstand extreme heat, vibration, and humidity environment by using a system that employs a rugged aluminum alloy chassis without fans. Also, its modular architecture allows for easy upgrade and expansions. The size of the PowerBrick5.0 lets us install it in your vehicle in a location that is safe from theft or tampering. The PowerBrick 5.0 utilizes non-proprietary connections so that any combination of external equipment can easily interface with your mobile data terminal.

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