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Asean Affairs Magazine January - February 2011

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 Asean Talk                                                                   Inside Out
14 ASEAN SETS ITS OWN COURSE                               18   New Asean chair, a World Cup bid and is Asean Noel Jones, Ph.D, looks at the coming of the Asean               ready for the AEC?
Economic Community in 2015 and how the member
countries will adapt.  

Beyond Asean                                                                                        20   Endemic corruption problem in
54 EAST TIMOR BECOMES ASEAN                                      Indonesia                              
An exclusive interview with East Timor Deputy Prime Minister   

Jose Luis Guterres as his country looks forward to joining          Thailand     
                                                                                21  Street protests and perhaps an

Asean Economics                                                                                       April election. 
American Financial guru, John Mauldin, takes on the world          
economy in a hard-hitting manner.
                                            22   VW in Malaysia         

Asean Environment
66 BAYER BATTLES CLIMATE CHANGE                                   Singapore 
Dominikus von Pesscatore describes how this global company is   
22   Fewer births challenge Singapore
reducing its carbon footprint and helping others to do the same.      

Asean Corporate Governance                                                               Philippines                             
68 DIVERSITY AT THE HEAD TABLE                                       24    Bomb blast fuels  
Yılmaz Argüden, Ph.D., outlines the benefits of bringing diversity   
to the top echelons of companies.

Asean Politics                                                                                                 Vietnam   
70 VETERAN LOOKS AT THAI POLITICS                                  24   High-tech firms                          Veteran Thai politician, Korn Dabbaransi, looks at the Thai             attracted to invest  
political scene and informs us of what to expect in 2011.

Asean Commodities                                                                                     Cambodia 
74 COMMODITIES EXCHANGE ARRIVES IN SINGAPORE           24   Cambodia progress at a 
CEO Thomas McMahom describes the functions and goals of        
human cost
the first pan-Asian commodity exchange.

Opinion                                                                                                               Laos 
78 LOPSIDED DEVELOPMENT IN THE MEKONG RIVER              26   Stock exchange, bank open in Laos
Hans Guttman describes the potential conflicts in damming          
the Mekong and changing the lives of the people who live           Myanmar              
on the banks of the river.                                                                            26   New parliament set to Open  

Asean Tech                                                                                                                                                                      
80 EDUCATION AND THE INTERNET                                        
Ralf Hundtermark says the Internet is changing                      

education for the good.                                                           Inside Out                                

Asean Real Estate                                                                              28    Entering a  Golden Age                   
82 BUYING PROPERTY IN CHINA                                     Rajiv Biswas analyzes the growth of  
George Betz describes the ins and outs of investing in      
    Malaysia as a global centre for Islamic finance.
real estate in China.                                                           

84 Asean in Figures

85 Asean Events

86 Asean Bazaar


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