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Asean Affairs Magazine September-October 2010

30 Cover Story
Road to Reconciliation
On May 19 Thai army vehicles crushed the barricades of the two-month-old red shirt protest in central Bangkok, bringing it to an end. The end of the protest cemented the position of the 16 month-old government of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, as it moved to reconcile the conflicted politics of the country. In this issue, AseanAffairs has an exclusive interview with the man charged with explaining the developments in Thailand to the world, Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya. As the dust settles four months into the reconciliation roadmap, Rajiv Biswas analyses Thailand’s remarkable economy that grew 9.1 percent during the second quarter, the period when the protest occurred.

22 Inside Out
Asia’s Next Trillion Dollar Giant
Indonesia is Asean’s largest economy, with substantial petroleum and mineral resources located amidst its more than 17,000 islands, Rajiv Biswas, a professional economist with extensive experience in Asia-Pacific macroeconomic, trade and financial markets issues projects the economic future for the country.

64 Opinion
Green Energy at What Price
As the world pursues alternative energy, especially wind power, issues have arisen over the economic impact of alternative energy, since it is subsidized by governments. Other issues have flared up over the location of wind turbines in scenic locations. Managing editor David Swartzentruber puts these hotly debated issues in focus.

Beyond Asean
China’s Views on the Dispute in the South China Sea 
Chinese Ambassador to Thailand, Guan Mu, discusses the dispute between China and several Asean nations over territorial rights in this heavily trafficked sea.

Save Our Planet - Malaysia: Pages 47-63
      In this issue, AseanAffairs presents on its Save Our Planet -Malaysia event, held in August in Kuala Lumpur. The third in the Save Our Planet series, SOP-Malaysia attracted more than 200 leaders from business, government, think tanks, companies, chambers of commerce and media from Malaysia, the region and internationally to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel - Kuala Lumpur. Speakers discussed action plans to address regional and global climate change issues.

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