Welcome! It is a pleasure to meet you all young people here! We expect to learn from you instead!

For us Internship is mutual learning! You will get to learn from us and our experience, in turn we will get to learn new ways of doing work. As simple as that!

We, at SXA, believe in limitless Human Potential. And we treat every Individual we meet in that way. That is how the SXA test is alo built. Believing in Limitless Human Potential and helping them achieve that potential by MAD(Measure, Analyse & Diagnose) and TFE(Train, Fulfill & Evolve)

We are on a mission to touch every individual out there and help them achieve their potential. Doesn’t it sound inspiring? Get aboard on this journey with us and let us learn and grow together!

Internship Areas

These are the areas we are looking at. However, we are open to explore multi-talented and people who do not hold themselves back

  1. Web Development - To make our systems & processes seamless and helping us automate the marketing process

  2. Digital Marketing - People who can help us reach millions & billions of people through the exciting World of Digital Marketing

  3. Business Development - People who get excited to talk about and convince people on investing on a product

Process to take SXA test

  1. Register with name & email

  2. Click the Verification mail received on your email

  3. Choose “Intern” as your type of test

  4. Fill out the Form for Interns

  5. You will be directed to test questions

Form Content

  1. Name

  2. Email

  3. Contact Number

  4. Which Internship applying for?

  5. Current Education area

  6. College

  7. Professional Experience

  8. City

  9. State

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SXA was developed after the SXA System was used to identify, engage and retain talent among organizations. S4S prepares students on 34 ATTRIBUTES of EMPLOYABILITY to confidently face the brave new world.

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