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This is the page from where customers can proceed to the secure sections of the site where relevant resources (CRR Reports of SXA Tests (T1 to T6), Delta Reports (D1 to D3), ST1 Reports of prospective employees, Enterprise SXA Maps (ESM) of Teams, SXA Training Workbooks with Trainer feedback and many more) are stored for exclusive access to authorised users of customers only.
1. SXA Summary report
gives you your scores on all the 5 dimensions, the results of your 34 attributes on the Scale of Fulfilment & Functionality, the Top 5 Functional & Dysfunctional Attributes, complete glossary of all attributes and their meaning and guidelines to further improvements.

2. SXA Complete Reflection Report
is the detailed 20 page report which is mailed to you with a secure password that provides your scores in percentages on each of the 34 attributes, 5 dimensions, charts, analysis, recommendations for improving your dysfunctional attributes plus detailed guidelines to training on the 3 Step SXA System of Train Fulfil Evolve. The complete manual for your SELF empowerment.    
See Sample
SXA Complete Reflection Report.

3. SXA WorkBook
The online workbook read by the SXA Team and detailed comments and remarks provided as feedback to the participant on their understanding and practice of the SXA’s 34 attributes.
The workbook is like your journal which is used to question, reflect, practice and improve on what you have focused on. This book becomes the basis of your decision to make the dysfunctional attributes functional and work for you. Use this Delta report in conjunction with the work book.

4. STI report
The customised SXA Talent Identifier is designed to help clients identify talent as per their requirements. To see sample STI Report click on Demo.

5. SXA Delta report:
Contains complete information of dimensional & attribute levels pre and post training for individuals and group. It summarises individual in a group on the basis of Dimension & attributes helpful for group heads to decide on further training and development. See Sample SXA Delta Report
The SXA Delta report is designed for the individual to know precisely how much they gained from the Training, the areas of improvement and areas for further improvement.

Delta is the difference between two tests results, prior and after each training module. The final delta shows the improvement for the individual after completing the full SXA Training program (T1-T6).
SXA Report Delta 1 = T2-T1 , post SXA Foundation TrainingThe Delta scores are depicted on three color codes: Green (Improved), White (remained same) and Orange (needs further training).

People across 20 countries have experienced the SXA Method. Some of the oldest educational institutions, entrepreneurs and large corporates have benefitted from enhanced effectiveness & empowerment of their people by using the SXA System of Testing & Training.

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