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1.  Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • I agree to pay the amount listed in my shopping cart for the media I have purchased/donation I have generously given.  
  • I understand that if I live outside of Canada or the United States of America, there will be a fee for shipping/handling if I have ordered any form of media.  
  • I understand that all donations are tax exempt and shipping exempt.
  • I understand that it is forbidden to use false contact and/or payment infomration, including false e-mail accounts.

Return Policy

  • I understand that refunds are not offered for donations given.
  • I understand that the media I purchase will be in working order or replaced.
  • I understand that if I have any faulty media, I will return just the media that is not working and will mail it to the Winnipeg Prohecy Conference at my expense.
  • I understand that the media will be replaced, once received, at the expense of the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference.

It is essential that you read and understand the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

  • The Winnipeg Prophecy Conference will not sell, lease, loan, lend, share or release in any other way the personal information that it collects during the purchase or donation process.
  • The information you provide in purchasing any media or donations given through the website will only be used in conducting the necessary payment transactions and in providing a basis of contact between the Winnipeg Prohecy Conference and yourself as a valued customer.  This contact may include site change notifications, information regarding the upcoming conference, or other specialized information deemed important to maintaining the relationship between yourself and the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference.
  • For each visitor to the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference, our web server does not collect or recognize any information regarding the domain or e-mail address of said visitor.  However, we do collect the e-mail addresses of visitors who voluntarily and directly communicate with us via e-mail, providing a contact basis for future dialogue, product promotion, and pertinent Winnipeg Prophecy Conference information.  Furthermore, non-user specific aggregate information may be collected such as total site hits, tallied pages accessed or visited.  Any such information collected may be analyzed in order to ascertain proper product placement, overall user availability, potential market actions, site content improvements, and/or layout changes to the Winnipeg Prohecy Conference website.  
  • The Winnipeg Prohecy Conference does not use or employ spy-ware, adware, or any other hidden third party data collection or user-computer access software.

NOTE:  The Winnipeg Prophecy Conference cannot verify or guarantee the privacy and/or non-employment of third party collection/access systems in any linked site ouside the immedicate Winnipeg Prophecy Conference webpage.  The Winnipeg Prophecy Conference cannot be held liable for any privacy breaches and/or quality issues associate beyond the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference system.

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