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About Us

WinRAR New Zealand / Arrow Computer Services Ltd is now based in Papamoa Beach, Tauranga, Pay of Plenty, New Zealand. We have been in business since January 1992, and until my retirement in October 2015 we offered a wide range of computer support services and sales to business and homes on Aucklands North Shore. As from November 2015 Arrow Computer Services Ltd now focuses solely on WinRAR sales and support, including and my RAR Command Line Video Training Course.  As you can see we continually strive to meet the needs of all my WinRAR friends and customers and endeavour to make sure that your needs come first. 

WinRAR Certified Distributor for NZ & Australia since 1994Ever since the Version 1.0 worldwide release of RAR in early 1994 we have been the RAR (and since its release in 1995) WinRAR Certified Distributor for New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Then from the launch of our first WinRAR website in July 2004 we have been open for WinRAR users worldwide. That website was completely rewritten in 2007 and has since been updated and improved with our goal being the site that allows visitors like you, from anywhere around the world, to not only download and trial any of the range of WinRAR archiving products, but also to provide you with an easy to use online WinRAR registration purchase service.

In July 2013 these services were further extended to provide online support for our WinRAR user members, with both the publishing of my Kindle eBook WinRAR Beginners User Manual Guide (click on the WinRAR How To - Starting image on the right for full details), and the launch of our support website dedicated to providing WinRAR and RAR support which provides access to the The WinRAR Blog and our WinRAR New Zealand Newsletter with more services planned for the future.

Currently I am working on updating these two sites and updating my RAR Command Line Video Training Course which will re-launch in the next month or so with upgraded access for members to communicate with each other, both during and after the course. By providing your name and email at either of the links above I will keep you updated on the course's progress.

NOTE! Only comments, suggestions or corrections, for this site, Student or Educational discount requests, or WAMP quotes, can be sent to me using the form below.

Thanks again for visiting with us! 

Selwyn Arrow
Owner / Manager / Webmaster / Author

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We currently have some openings available for suitable website owners, shareware integrators and qualified businesses. Feel free to contact us below with your proposal, including an overview of your sales model and details of your business.

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www.winrar.co.nz is proudly brought to you by the WinRAR Certified Distributor for New Zealand and Australia since 1994 and globally since 2004.
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