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Gensun Outdoor Kitchens

Gensun Outdoor Kitchens

Gensun outdoor kitchens are innovative—featuring durable cast aluminum construction and convenient modular configuration. These are durable, worry-free pieces and—best of all—they have all kinds of functionality and versatility because of the modular designs. They eliminate the need for expensive site modifications and can be placed wherever is convenient. Their pieces are easy-to-assemble (you only need 3 tools). Within hours, you can be grilling steaks and mixing drinks with friends and family. Plus, they go beyond the traditional BBQ. The freestanding grill can be purchased by itself, then easily tailored into an entire kitchen unit according to your desired size and specifications.
The collection includes attachable countertops, cabinets, bar centers and drawer units in a range of finishes and configurations. Available with three counter top options and twelve base finishes, the Gensun outdoor kitchens will bring your outdoor room to life.