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Consignment Form
ReSashay is not accepting consignments at this time.  

We will make an exception and accept for consignment items that are brand new or items that are essentially brand new (they were purchased brand new and have been worn just a few times).  We are being extremely selective.  Please feel free to call if you feel you have items that meet this criteria. 

We will update this page once we begin accepting consignments again.  

Please do not send items for consignment until authorized to do so. 

Ready to consign with ReSashay?

Please contact ReSashay by email or phone BEFORE completing a consignment form or shipping consignments!

At this time we are limiting consignments to those items which are in high demand and are in very nearly new condition. We are accepting only the very best items and severely limiting the volumne of consignments accepted! 

You have three options for completing the form.

  1. Complete and submit the online version of the form below, OR
  2. Click on the following link to view, print, complete and mail a pdf version of the form (adobe PDF reader required), OR
  3. Click on the following link to view, print, complete and mail an html version of the form
Secure Connection
Questions • Receipt

1. Have you consigned with ReSashay before?

2. Consignor Contact Information

First Name*

Last Name*




Postal Code*


Day Phone*

Evening Phone

3. Do you want consigned items returned to you if not sold in 6 months?

If not, your unsold consigned items are donated to a regional square dance organization.

4. Special requests

Optional: If you have any special requests regarding your consignments, of any kind, including pricing suggestions or minimums, please specify below. Be sure to include information which you feel enhances the value of your consignment item(s) and identify all imperfections. Sizing information is extremely helpful, especially for custom made garments. If you have any questions, please contact us.

5. Mailing Instructions

After you have submitted this form online, mail your consignment items to:

Eva Murray
ReSashay Square Dance, LLC
Attn: Consignment Department
14833 Native Dancer Rd.
North Potomac, MD 20878

Be sure to include a copy of the consignment form in the package.

6. Do you want to donate your consignment proceeds?

If yes, please provide the contact information and payment instructions below.

If you are donating your proceeds, payment instructions are required:

Organization Name

Organization Contact Name

Make Checks payable to

Organization Address 1

Organization Address 2




Email Address

Web Site

7. Consignment arrangement between Consignor and Consignee

Eva Murray, ReSashay Square Dance, LLC
14833 Native Dancer Rd.
North Potomac, MD 20878
(301) 761-1011 or (800) 900-DANCE

On this date by signatures affixed below, Consignor enters a consignment arrangement (Contract) with ReSashay Square Dance Consignment (ReSashay, or, Consignee) subject to the following Terms and Conditions. It is understood that ReSashay Square Dance Consignment will make reasonable efforts to sell all consignments through the ReSashay Square Dance Consignment e-commerce web site or via it’s eBay connection or via traditional, non-internet based sales mechanisms. ReSashay Square Dance Consignment does not guarantee the sale of any consignment.
Terms and Conditions

1. The Consignor will receive 30% of the selling price, excluding taxes, for each item sold on the Consignor’s behalf. This is paid to Consignor or the Consignor’s specified organization. Checks are mailed between the 15th and 30th of the month, each month. Proceeds for items sold during the prior month are included in the check. Checks are mailed, per the stated schedule, when the balance due is greater than $15.00. Once your complete inventory with ReSashay Square Dance Consignment is sold your balance due is mailed, regardless of the amount.

2. The Consignor understands that the Consignee only accepts in-style commercially manufactured apparel in excellent condition for consignment. Apparel which is custom made, homemade, no longer in-style, altered or previously repaired is not accepted for consignment. Please see the detailed list of items we do not accept. Should the Consignor send such items to the Consignee, they can be returned to the Consignor at the Consignor’s expense or they will be donated to an area square dance club.

3. The Consignee will make consigned inventory available for sale through one or more of the following mechanisms: the internet (e.g.,, e-Bay, Craig’s list, etc.), the ReSashay storefront, area square dances, dance weekends, in-home shopping parties, by appointment, etc. Inventory will be sold using the mechanism most suitable and likely to result in a sale.

4. The Consignee sets all prices. Consignee may reduce the resale price of any item at any time without prior notice to the Consignor. ReSashay Square Dance Consignment uses a price reduction to move inventory. ReSashay Square Dance Consignment also holds periodic sales events at which discounts are offered to buyers.

5. Following final inspection and entry into the consignment inventory, an itemized Report is generated detailing each item consigned. Said reports are e-mailed to the e-mail address provided by the consignor. It is the responsibility of the consignor to contact ReSashay Square Dance Consignment if the report is not received within 2 weeks.

6. This contract shall remain in force for a period of 6 months commencing on the item Received Summary Report date. This contract is extendable upon mutual agreement of both the Consignor and Consignee.

7. When designated as "Return to Consignor," unsold items will be mailed to the Consignor upon contract expiration, at the Consignor’s expense.

8. The Consignee reserves the right to refuse any item for consignment without cause. In such an event, consignee will contact Consignor to determine if such items should be returned to Consignor at consignor’s expense or donated.

9. All consignments are at Consignor's risk. ReSashay Square Dance Consignment is not responsible for loss or damage to merchandise by cause due to but not limited to fire, water, vandalism, theft or negligent handling by customers.

10. All inventoried consignment items are subject to the Contract Terms and Conditions specified above.

11. ReSashay Square Dance Consignment will send reports and communicate consignment status primarily by e-mail. It is the responsibility of the consignee to check their e-mail periodically, to ensure their e-mail software successfully receives e-mails sent by ReSashay Square Dance Consignment and that ReSashay has a correct and current e-mail address.

8. Tips for successful consignments:

1)  Wash all garments just prior to consignment with ReSashay.  This is critical.  We do not wash items when they arrive here and we do not sell anything with even the slightest stain, even if the stain would probably wash out.  Do not assume that because the garments were washed after they were last worn that they do not have stains on them. 

2) Take the time to ensure everything you consign is in excellent condition and is sellable.  If you are shipping your consignments to ReSashay, this is particularly important.  It will save you the expense and disappointment of having paid to ship items which cannot be sold. ReSashay can only sell items in excellent condition and made by well known manufacturers.  ReSashay does not repair clothing to make it sellable, no matter how minor the required repair.  Items of questionable condition are donated if you do not want to pay for return shipping. 

  • Stretch all the elastic to verify that it still has proper elasticity. 
  • Smell the elastic to ensure that it does not smell like rotten rubber.
  • Zip and unzip all zippers to ensure they work as expected. 
  • Button all buttons and snap all snaps to ensure they close properly.
  • Verify that garments are not stained or soiled and that they have no rips or holes, and that all seam stitching is in-tack.
  • Ensure that your consignments have a fresh and clean smell to them.
  • Make sure the items you send are on the list of items we accept for consignment.

3) When shipping consignments, you may wish to compare the cost of various shippers to save money.

  • Most shippers now charge a dimensional rate.  If the box is very light, but very large, you are charged based upon the size of the box rather than the weight itself.  Each of the shippers has their own threshold for box size and determining when the higher dimensional rates apply.  I have found UPS to be the most expensive shipper for lighter weight items.  Consider using Fed Ex ground or regular United States Postal Service parcel post and use the smallest box size possible.

4) We accept items for consignment as listed below.  When shipping consignments, please be sure to carefully evaluate what you have and send just those items which we can sell for you. 

Items which we accept for consignment:

    • Traditional ladies square dance blouses, current in style, made by a well known square dance manufacturer, with manufacturers size labels in them
    • Traditional ladies square dance skirts, knee or prairie length, current in style, made by a well known square dance manufacturer, with manufacturers size labels in them
    • Traditional ladies square dance blouse and skirt sets, knee or prairie length, current in style, made by a well known square dance manufacturer, with manufacturers size labels in them
    • Traditional ladies square dance dresses, made by a well known square dance manufacturer, with manufacturers size labels in them
    • Petticoats, made by a well known square dance manufacturer
    • Men’s solid traditional western shirts with pearl snaps and manufacturers size labels in them

We do NOT accept the following; please do NOT send them for consignment: 

    • Items not specifically listed above as something we accept for consignment
    • Items without manufacturers size tags
    • Non traditional square dance attire
    • Mens pants, vests, jackets, boots, shoes, belts, hats, scarf ties, scarf tie slides, bolos, collar tips, buckles, towel holders
    • Mens western shirts with embroidery, buttons, or multiple colors
    • Ladies vests, aprons, collars, sweaters, coats, purses, boots, shoes, hats, jewelry, belts
    • Ladies western shirts, t-shirts
    • Pettipants
    • Sewing patterns, bandanas, spaghetti ties
    • Made at home/custom made apparel
    • Petticoat bags
    • Clothing that has been altered/repaired
    • Items which smell like smoke or mold or mildew or anything less than fresh.
    • Items which have been stored in a basement/attic/garage for extended periods of time
    • Apparel that is no longer in style

Additional comments

o    All mens scarf ties and ladies belts sent for consignment are paired with and sold with something else. We no longer sell them individually. The extra scarf tie and/or belt does not result in a higher sales price for item it is paired with.

o    If the item was not purchased from a square dance retailer, it probably does not qualify and is not something we can sell for you.

o    Well known square dance manufacturers include: Malco Modes, Square Up Fashions, Suzi’s Ruffles, Sam’s Manufacturing, Fashion Magic, Fantasia, Cross-eyed Cricket, Mondiki, Carols Creations, Suzies Ruffles, Rockmont Ranchwear, Crystal Magic, The Square Dance Dress Company, Jeri Bee, Tater Sax, Royal Petticoats, Eva’s Petticoats, Fun and Fancy Originals, etc.   

Be sure to call if you need clarification regarding what we do and do not accept and can sell on your behalf. 




9. I agree to the consignment arrangement as outlined above.