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Violins Case, Violas Cases, Cellos and Basses
Cases, cases everywhere: Cases of all kinds from DecorMusic.com: Violin cases, viola cases, cello cases, bass cases -- oblong violin cases, oblong viola cases, even guitar and mandolin cases, all at low discount prices!
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"Concord Viola Case, Concord Luxe Viola Oblong case, Suspension Adjutable from 15" up to 17""Concord Viola Case, Concord Luxe Viola Oblong case, Suspension Adjutable from 15" up to 17"Concord Oblong Viola Case
12 Bow Case12 Bow CaseConcord Bow case, Holds twelve Violin, Viola or Cello bows.
Affordable Violin Light CaseAffordable Violin Light CaseSuper light weight case for Violin. Arrow shaped. Two shoulder straps.
Bobelock Half moon violin caseBobelock Half moon violin case
Bow Case 6Bow Case 6Holds six bows.
Bow Case hold 24 bowsBow Case hold 24 bowsViolin bow case hold 24 bows. 24 bow cases bows. Also can be cello bow case, viola bow case, 
Bow Case Show TrayBow Case Show TrayBow tray for display, holds 18 Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass bows.
Bow CasesBow CasesHolds one Violin, Viola or Cello bow. Velvet Interior. Cordura Exterior. Color: Burgundy, Blue, Black.
Bow CasesBow CasesCase for two Bass bows. Either German or French style.
Bow CasesBow CasesHolds one Violin, Viola, or Cello bow. Velvet Interior.
Bow Cases 2Bow Cases 2Holds two bows.
Bow Cases 3Bow Cases 3"Bobelock". Hold Three bows
Bow Cases 4Bow Cases 4Holds 4 bows. Black Immitation Leather exterior.
Bow Cases 6Bow Cases 6Holds six bows.
Carbon Graphite Cello CaseCarbon Graphite Cello CaseCarbon Graphite Cello Case. 6.5lbs
Cello CaseCello Case"European Hill" Fractional size Cello cases. * Press-formed plywood w/waterproof cordura black cover, *Velvet Interior: Wine red, Blue and Green. * Most of the accessories are European hardware. * Holds two bows, adjustable side pillow.
Cello Case with Wheels"European Hill" Cello case, no wheels. Similar to the Model CC11.
Christino Half moon viola caseChristino Half moon viola case
Concord Cello Case with WheelsConcord Cello Case with Wheels"Concord Cello case with two wheels: Similar to the Model CC12
Concord Deluxe Oblong Violin Case 2451Concord Deluxe Oblong Violin Case 2451"Concord" Oblong Violin case: * Everything you could want with all the luxurious amenities.
Color choices: Ext Black with Blue, or Burgendy or Green. or Ext Blue.  
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