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Accessories for Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses: Discount Prices
Our Selection

Our Selection

DecorMusci.com stocks all kinds of violin accessories, viola accessories, cello accessories, and bass accessories, including shoulder rests, bass anchors, bass quivers, bow holders, brass mutess, cello anchors, ebony mutes, and endpin stops. We've got guitar stands, music stands, humidifier holders, hygrometers, keychain tuners, Poehland pads, resonans shoulder rests, shoulder straps, string tubes, string tube holders, tonewolf mutes, tuning forks, violin mutes, and wire mutes. Our rosins include Irish green rosin, Thomastic rosin, and many more. Brands include Artino, Mack One, Muco, Wisttner, and more.
Accessories of all shapes and sizes from DecorMusic.com: Violin accessories, viola accessories, cello accessories, bass accessories -- all at low discount prices!
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Bernardel RosinBernardel RosinThe Bernardel formula is made from pure all-nautural ingredients that prduce superior and harmonious tonal qualities. It does not crumble or power and adheres to the bow hair in all climte conditions.
humidifier for inside caseshumidifier for inside casesHumidifier for inside instrument case. Matching holder is available.
Humidifier HolderHumidifier HolderHolder for Humidifier. Attaches to the inside of a case. Colors: Wine Red, Blue, Green
humidifiershumidifiersHumidifier for Guitar
humidifiershumidifiersHumidifier For Bass
humidifiershumidifiersHumidifier for Cello
Hygrometer HolderHygrometer HolderHolder for Hygrometer. Attaches to the inside of a case. Colors: Wine Red, Blue, Green
Irish Green RosinIrish Green RosinIrish green rosin
Pitch PipesPitch PipesTuning Pitch pipes
Poehland PadPoehland Pad"Poehland Pad", Crescent-shaped, cloth-covered rubber pad. Attaches with leather strap and elastic band.
Polish SupersensitivePolish Supersensitive
Rubber Ultra Bass Mute, Made in USA. Bass MuteRubber Ultra Bass Mute, Made in USA. Bass Mute
Shoulder RestsShoulder Rests"Resonans" Violin shoulder rest, No.3 (High)
String tube holderString tube holderDouble Holder for String tube. Attaches to the inside of a case. Colors: Wine Red, Blue, Green
String Tubes String Tubes String tube for inside Vn/Va case.
Stringed Instrument PolishesStringed Instrument PolishesSuper Sensitive Polish, Made in USA.
Stringed Instrument RosinsAffordable Rosin, Recommended for Students
Suzuki Violin TunerSuzuki Violin TunerSuzuki style fix on the string between bridge and tailpiece
Thomastic RosinThomastic Rosin"Dr. Thomastik" Rosin. Round plastic holder, metal wrap, for Bass.
Tonewolf MuteTonewolf MuteMade of Stainless steel, The top hollow cylinder-shape makes the tone more enjoyable.
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