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Submit a photo or a short video of your special someone enjoying their Tea Lover Gift Basket gift and you could get your purchase free!

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Stephanie Thompson, MM, Thompson Tea Company LLC


Thank you for putting your trust in Tea Lover Gift Baskets, recently, when you chose a tea gift basket for a tea drinker you care about.

You are in a unique position to give us invaluable information about your experience with our store. 

Please take a few minutes now to tell us abut your experience. In return, we will send you tea and cookies so you can enjoy a few minutes, on us, later.


What was your budget for the gift you purchased?

2. Why did you choose a gift basket gift instead of another gift?

3. What features made our tea gift basket most valuable to you?

4. From what other companies did you consider making your purchase?

5. How could we make our website easier for you to use?

6. What were you looking for that you did not find?

A brand of tea? Colors? A particular tea? Accoutrements? A particular price of gift?

7. Would you purchase a gift from us again? Why or Why Not?

8. Do you have an idea for a tea gift basket?

Please tell us here.

9. Which social media platforms do you frequent?

Click all that apply.

10. Do you buy gift baskets for personal gifts, corporate gifts, or both?

11. Referral bonus

Do you know as a customer of Tea Lover Gift Baskets, if you refer us to your employer, we will give them a discounted price AND you a referral bonus? Who should we contact at your company and how is the best way to reach them? Is there a particular holiday or promotion coming up?

12. Where would you see our Advertisements?

Online publications - which ones? Printed Publications - which ones?

13. Memberships? Associations? Affiliations?

Do you belong to associations - which ones? Membership groups - which ones? Trade affiliations - which ones?

14. May we ask your age?

15. Annual household income?

16. Marital status?

17. Sex?

18. What kind of premium tea would you like?

19. Tea and Cookies

We will send, to your 'billing address' a package of 2 delicious tea cookies to enjoy with your tea selection.

This survey was designed to be anonymous (and will remain 100% confidential). For us to find your 'billing address' please list the first and last name you used as your 'billing first and last name' or your order number below. Without this information, we may not be able to identify you to send out your tea and cookies. Thank you.

If you would like to have us send your tea and cookies elsewhere, please list that address information below. (Please know the tea drinker to whom you sent your Tea Lover Gift Basket gift will have the opportunity to complete a survey as well).

Thank you very much for your time and for sharing your insights with us. Look for a small white box with tea and cookies to arrive very soon!

Stephanie and Mark Thompson
Thompson Tea Company, LLC dba
Tea Lover Gift Baskets and Tea Lover Teas
San Jose, CA 95139

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