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You are 1-step away to Completing your Purchase:

You are 1-step away to Completing your Purchase:

Santi Herbal is highly experienced in international shipping.

More than 90% of all international shipment processed by us are successful.

Nonetheless, as with all international shipment, Santi Herbal shall not be liable for any products that are lost / destroyed by customs.

"Acceptance of Shipping Risk" will mean that:
  • No refunds will be sought or issued if shipment does not go through and/or lost / destroyed by customs.
  • You have read, understood, and fully accept the terms and conditions as listed in our Shipping Policy HERE.
However, we do understand what it feels like to have an order lost in shipment / destroyed by customs.

In an event that this happens, you are advised to provide the necessary documentations and proof of purchase to us at 

We will conduct an investigation on a case by case basis and advise accordingly. 

Wishing you a Pleasurable Experience with us!

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A very satisfied customer!!

Thank you for the most amazing product known to MAN AND WOMAN. I can't say enough about what this has done to elevate performance from normal to ABNORMALLY AMAZING.

I appreciate your consideration and extending your generosity and I/we will be back as long as you are here for us.

I can't say enough wonderful things about your product and appreciate what you have done to improve sex lives all around the world.

Till next time...
United States 

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