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Buy bulk fair trade organic coffee                     

for your home, office or retail store                              

Available in k-cup single serve, 1 lb, 2 lb, 3 lb, 5 lb and 6 lb 
fresh roasted arabica beans in whole bean or ground 
Drinking organic and fair trade coffee is good for your budget,
good for your family and good for your planet!

All 5 lb bags Ship Free

All 6 lb Cafe Fair Orders Ship Free

Buy Fair Trade Coffee from around the world 

Bolivia | Colombia | Costa Rica | El Salvador
| Ethiopia | Guatemala | Honduras | Kenya
| Mexico | NicaraguaPapua New Guinea | Peru  | Sumatra 

If you care about workers earning a fair wage to support their families, then buying fair trade coffee is for you. And, if you are a coffee lover who cares about sustaining our earth, and healthy eating, then organic coffee supports your lifestyle.

Every purchase you make at the Organic Fair Trade Coffee Company directly impacts the quality of life of the coffee growing farmers and their communities. Thank you for your support of the fair trade organic coffee movement.
If you are a coffee lover looking for premium fair trade arabica coffee, you have certainly come to the right place. Many of our customers enjoy free shipping with their purchase by buying coffee in bulk. With  these orders, you not only save money, but can actually end up paying less than you would buying your coffee at a market, and you get the added value of not needing to carry it home. Fresh organic coffee is guaranteed because all of our organic fair trade coffee beans are small batch roasted per your order and shipped to your door.

Why Buy From Independent Coffee Roasters?

History - This country was built by small independent businesses. The owner was always available to take care of his / her customer’s needs. There was a sense of pride and personal connection to that company. With today’s bigger corporations swallowing smaller companies and merging with businesses they have no knowledge of, there is a sense of losing the original purpose and deep understanding of a product that someone lovingly created and nurtured into the market one customer at a time. Corporate commitments are foremost to the board of directors and the almighty bottom line, not necessarily to the farmers that create the raw products or the environment which allows it and their profits to grow.
Passion - Independent coffee roasters are in the business of roasting coffee for the love of it. They are creative and offer customers what they themselves enjoy and have discovered through the art of roasting.
Consistency - Most Independent roasters have one or a few hand -picked and trained roasters. They can oversee every aspect of their production and give you the highest quality and consistency of product.
Creativity – Independent Roasters are artisans. They create what they dream. Their style of roasting and their thoughtfully crafted blends are their unique signature of expression. Taste the coffee, know the roaster.
Buy Local – What does buying local mean to you? Many people like to buy locally produced products to support their city, state, region or their coastal area. Environmentally speaking, less fuel is used to send product to you the buyer and that, in turn, results in lower shipping costs and faster delivery. You also support the economy of your community which in turn supports your Quality of Life. 
Bottom Line is Quality – Independent coffee roasters have their direct consumers to answer to, not a board of directors they meet with quarterly. Quality is not compromised to bring the bottom line up by a half of a percentage point. Sales and profit increases are due to the satisfaction of the people they see walking through their doors, those they deal with via phone, and internet connections they’ve made.
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