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The Righteous Bean Difference

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The Righteous Bean Difference


1)     Righteous Bean Coffee is 100% Fair Trade Coffee. Some of our competitors only offer Fair Trade coffee as part of their coffee line. We feel that you cannot be partially committed to something as important as Fair Trade. 

2)     Because we have opted to roast only Organic Fair Trade coffees we are able to continue to roast in smaller batches. This allows for more control over the roasts and therefore a higher quality coffee.  

3)     Unlike some of our competitors who offer over 70 varieties and blends of coffees we have limited our offerings to just over a dozen. This also helps us in our quality control assuring that our green bean supply will always be up to our standards. 

4)     All our roasting is done either by me or my son. Because this is our business and reflects directly on us, we are deeply concerned about our final product. 

5)     We have close ties with our importers and producers who know that we will only accept the highest quality green beans. 

6)     Finally our focus is on Coffee, we do not do teas, cocoas or chocolate. We believe in doing one thing and doing it well. 

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