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Get your ideas out there.

Get your ideas out there.

 Become a writer for Daily-Dose-of-Fiction and earn money when our subscribers read and like your work. No commitment, nothing to pay. Submit new short stories as often as you like and we will put them in the hands of millions of interested readers who will vote and even leave feedback on your stories.

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Whether you are beginner looking for critique or an up-and-coming writer looking for exposure. Storyfeedback.com and many of other sites charge money for feedback on your work! DailyDoseofFiction is is a no-brainer. We can even help established writers reach larger audiences.

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One of the biggest challenges for new authors is getting your work out there. Publishing companies will ask you where you have been published before. Readers will ask where they might have seen your work. Until you have been published in a magezine or collection (for free or close to it) you will have a hard time convincing someone to invest their time and money in your work. Don't buy into book fairs or book clubs schemes who will only show your book to a few hundred people at a time. Let Daily-Dose-of-Fiction put your work in front of a million readers instantly!