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  1.  Hello Barbie Dolls enthusiasts!

     Let's get this Barbie dolls Blog running, don't let me blogging here by myself!

     I started my Barbie dolls collection in 2004, my first Collectible Barbie doll was a Happy Holidays Barbie doll from 1997 , she is wearing a beautiful red party dress full of ribbons like a gift present! I felt in love when I first saw her, the beautiful transparent package that we can display it's amazing. At first I thought that she like just like my niece, she has beautiful dark hair like her, and with my youngest daughter, Juliana.

     Barbie doll Happy Holidays 1997 is a true image of royal splendor in holiday red, snowy white and glittering gold with a golden tiara adorned with six ruby-colored gemstones. She comes with festive accents include a jeweled choker and earrings.

     Now you have to tell me wich one was your first Collectible Barbie doll, email me at and I will post your comments here!

     Have a good day! And thanks for reading this article at Barbie Dolls Blog, see you next week!

    Barbie Doll Happy Holidays 1997


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