Q Are there different levels of solution to use on different skin tones?

A Yes. Most formulas come in three levels of solution (8%, 10%, and 12%). What we would like to make clear is that a higher percentage of DHA does not necessarily mean a darker tan. There is only a certain amount of DHA the skin can absorb at one time. Using too high of a percentage of DHA or too much DHA at once will result in an unnatural looking tan that will fade poorly leaving uneven skin tones.

Q Should I purchase an airbrush or HVLP spray tan system?

A This all depends on the specifics of your business and how you plan on using the equipment.  HVLP systems are relatively easy to use, come pre-adjusted as far as air flow, can spray large areas in a short time, and are easy to clean and maintain.  Airbrush machines can be used to perform several services, such as spray tan, nail art, makeup application, and body art (tattoos).  You have the option of different spray guns with the airbrush system, allowing you to spray tan the body in a short time.  The airflow settings may be adjusted for spraying different parts of the body.  The airbrush machines are durable and long lasting but require more cleaning and maintenance when compared to HVLP systems.  

Q Do I need to wear sunscreen? 

A Absolutely. Despite the darkening of the skin, an individual is just as susceptible to the harmful rays of outdoor and indoor tanning. An overall sun protection program is still necessary.  You should use sunblock lotions because the sunblock in spray cans contains alcohol which may dry the skin further causing your tan to fade faster. 

Q Does the solution have an odor? 

A Almost all solution are odorless. While most people do not experience an unpleasant odor when using spray tan solutions, there are certain variables of body chemistry that may cause the solution to have a slight odor.

Q Is it safe to breath the overspray in a tanning session? 

A DHA is a non-hazardous compound that causes no adverse reaction in the quantities found in a sunless solution. DHA has been FDA approved for over 30 years and is found in makeup and products we use everyday. There are no harsh chemicals in tanning solutions. DHA has been used as a diet supplement in sports nutrition and is non-carcinogenic. Further tests have shown that DHA is less toxic than aspirin, caffeine, and common table salt. The amount of DHA that could be breathed during a sunless tanning session would be .05 milligrams, which is equivalent to less than one grain of table salt. The easiest way to comply with the recommendations for safety is to either keep your mouth closed or wear a mask during your session. Also, you may opt for barrier cream on and around the eyes. 

Q Why didn’t I get as dark this treatment as I did with my last treatment?

A Due to the ever-changing chemistry of the body, there are times of the month that our bodies are less receptive to DHA. Some people can even be DHA resistant.  If a client doesn't let the tan develop the appropriate amount of time (ex: showers after 6 hours instead of 8 hours), the color of the tan may not be as deep as before.  During a stressful day, a client may perspire excessively during development time. This dilutes the solution and does not allow the DHA to absorb into the skin properly. Finally, the skin may have had residual oil or moisturizer on it. This blocks the DHA and prevents the skin from reacting and changing colors.

Q Should pregnant women tan?
A Although DHA has been FDA approved for 30 years and is found in everything from supplements, to skin care, to make up, there have been no studies on the application of DHA to the skin during pregnancy.

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