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RCS Optics™ REWARDS CLUB Membership

RCS Opticsoffers FREE REWARDS Club Membership to all

Active and retired US Veterans.

This section of the RCS Optics™ Web site is reserved for REWARDS CLUB Members. On these pages you will find deeper discounts on almost everything that we sell. It is one more way RCS Optics™ demonstrates that we are on a missionRCS Optics™ offers additional price discounts through our REWARDS CLUB membership. These prices are non-advertised prices and meant to reward returning customer loyalty. NOTE: RCS Optics™ reserves the right to revoke the privilege of access to this price set, if in our sole opinion, attempts were made to inappropriately access the pricing, or by sharing private passwords with others, or any other attempt to abuse the program. 

Please provide branch, division, rank attained, year enlisted to validate your service in step #3 below. The information you provide should comply with your DD214 records.

Once you have successfully registered and log in...
Scroll to the bottom of any page and toggle between REWARDS CLUB and standard discounts.
When logged in, you are acknowledged on each page in the upper left corner below the page tabs. Enjoy the added benefits that you will receive by being an RCS Optics REWARDS CLUB Member today!

You have served......
thank you for your service to the United States of America.

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