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Gluten-Free Forum!


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Gluten-Free Forum

  1. Welcome to the Natural Supplies Online Gluten-Free Forum!

    About 6 months ago, my father-in-law was diagnosed as gluten, wheat and yeast intolerant. When I married my husband, I became the baker and "dough girl" of the family, and my father-in-law was one of the chief lovers of my baked goods: sticky sweet cinnamon rolls, rich gooey cakes, and fresh-baked rolls and breads--all of course laden with the forbidden gluten, wheat and yeast. Unwilling to give up the joy of producing baked goods that my father-in-law could enjoy, I started on a journey to learn about gluten-free baking and "flours." It seemed an overwhelming task at first, and there was a time when, discouraged by the "heavy-bricks" and "barn-feed" I was producing, I was tempted to give up and just buy store-bought mixes. But the high cost of store-bought mixes, combined with the limited variety, along with a being somewhat of a "kitchen chemist," spurred me on to pursue an understanding of exactly how gluten-free flours worked.

    While I am still on that learning journey, I can joyously share that my gluten-free "barn-feed" has in many cases become so delicious that my husband (who has no gluten problems) will choose the gluten-free desserts and breads over the regular ones. On this forum, I hope to share some of the tips I have learned that have made my gluten-free baking more successful, as well as give technical details about different gluten-free flours, and share some of our favorite gluten-free recipes. It is my hope also that others will join in and contribute what they have learned--and even some of their ongoing questions--so that this forum can be a learning-aid for us all.

    Whether then you are at the beginning of your gluten-free journey, or whether you have had years' experience in this arena, we at Natural Supplies Online wish you Happy Gluten-Free Baking!

    Jackie Ladomato, owner of NaturalSuppliesOnline.com

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