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Root Beer Licorice
Try our Root Beer Licorice!

Watermelon Licorice
Watermelon fruit flavored licorice
Cinnamon Licorice
Cinnamon flavored licorice
Grape Licorice
Grape fruit flavored licorice
Red Raspberry Licorice
Red Raspberry fruit flavored licorice
Blue Raspberry Licorice
Blue Raspberry fruit flavored licorice

"This is the best licorice that I have ever tasted! I will never be able to eat regular licorice again!"


"So much better than store-bought licorice!"

B. Brandow

"Wow!  Try the watermelon, you won't regret it! "

E. Rodriguez

Hi Dick, thanks so much for writing me back!  Thanks for sending my order. I will be ordering again! Your old fashion red is the BEST!

L. Lyons

licorice tic tac toe

Contact Licorice Candy Twist in any of the following six ways:

1.  Phone #: Cell 512-922-3326

2.  For buying questions, E-mail us at: licorice@dickpeterson.com

3.  For billing questions, E-mail us at billing@dickpeterson.com

4.  For customer service questions, E-mail us at licorice@dickpeterson.com

5.  Mailing address: 3451 Mayfield Ranch Blvd, #306, Round Rock, TX  78681 

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Strawberry Licorice
  Green Apple Licorice

         Strawberry fruit flavored licorice                    Green Apple fruit flavored licorice

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