Key Joy West – RFQ Process – We Work Together to Meet Your Needs

 We use a simple process to determine how best to meet your needs:

  •  RFQ – we start with a review your needs, a discovery process
  •  Key Joy quote and suggestions – we provide quote after review and discovery
  •  RFD and/or RFS – Drawing and Specification needed
  •  Formal Drawing – review process
  •  First Article – review process
  •  Customer Evaluation and Approval
  •  Mass Production
  •  SMI – Supplier/Vendor managed Inventory

Please Fill Out the Information Below:

1. Company Name

2. Primary Contact

3. E-mail

4. Phone

5. Engineering Contact (optional)

6. Engineering E-mail (optional)

7. Engineering Phone (optional)

8. Description of what you want with time requirement and quantity

9. Attach Any Drawing (optional)

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