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If you would like to pay for the consultation with a check or in cash at the time of the consultation then please fill out the form below and press submit. We will contact you and schedule a time when a consultant can come to your site.

If you would like to pay for the consultation by credit card then please click on the add to cart button below the form and proceed to the checkout page.

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Deposit for your consultation - Order Here

Deposit for your consultation - Order Here

If we have talked about your project and know the amount of construction you will be given the charge amount in increments of $100. Your Consultant will tell you what your deposit  "RETAINER" should be. If the fee ends up being different from our expanded FHA Guideline (available at www.203konline.com) we will adjust it in escrow. Mileage charges will also be applied from our closest office. If for some reason we suspect your job to be a lesser cost we will only "capture" the appropriate amount or refund your credit card immediately upon that realization. Thank you. This is likely a partial fee but will cover construction costs up to $30,000. Additional costs will be billed to your escrow and paid from escrow. You will be billed for the mileage charges at a minimum. Thank you for your order.
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