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Holistic Healing Health - Your Ultimate Whole Health Center

What makes us different...
We combine our background and experience in conventional medicine with holistic healing and alternative medicine to deliver a total physical, mental, and spiritual holistic healing solution. 

Our mission is to provide you with an alternative approach to holistic healing and health by combining the best of Physical Holistic Health and Clinical Nutrition.

We offer 
Holistic Health Consultation, Online Store for professional grade adrenal fatigue supplements, nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, dietary supplements and vitamins, Body Composition Analysis, Laboratory Testing,
Hair Analysis, Ionic Detox, Rife, Free Health Assessment, Far Infra-red Light and Acupressure. We utilize a Colorado based network of highly skilled and experienced professional to deliver these services.

* We have the BEST selection of High Quality & Potency hard-to-find holistic health supplements,  adrenal fatigue supplements, nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, dietary supplements and vitamins that are available to practitioners only, over 2500 inventoried.

* We are committed to personalized service and are a member of the Better Business Bureau - "A" Rating.

*We have a Holistic Health Practitioner available to answer your questions and provide a FREE review of your Holistic Health Assessment.

Finally, order with confidence through our "STARFIELD" 100% Secured Shopping Cart System. We are hosted by websitetonight.
***Sensitive information sent between our site and the payment gateway is secure and confidential.***

We have a proven track record of helping our clients with the following conditions;

Asthma and Allergies
Auto-immune diseases
Endocrine, Thyroid and Adrenal
Digestive tract issues
Chronic Illnesses
Male and Female Hormonal Balancing
Nutritional Deficiencies

Our clients say...

I have been a client of the Holistic Healing and Health for the past year. When I started I had high cholesterol, yeast over-growth, and low immune function. Thanks to Dr. Moshrefi and the detox/supplement program she put me on, I am now off of all prescribed medications, which were a total of 6. Also, in conjunction with the elimination of all prescribed medications, and under the guidance of Dr. Moshrefi, my Cholesterol level dropped from the mid 200 range to the mid 100 range. In addition, I now have more energy, better sleep and overall sense of well being. I will continue to follow your guidance and will refer all my friends and family.
Warm and heartfelt regards, Joseph Z.
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We at the Holistic Healing Center provide a
balanced approach to physical holistic healing and clinical nutrition. We combine  physical holistic healing, high quality nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, homeopathic, herbal supplements and holistic healing in such a way to provide each person with a unique custom design program .

Holistic Healing Center greatly values your referrals. Your referrals are the best complement to us.
We would like to thank you in advance for your willingness to go the extra mile, not only to help your family and friends achieve better state of physical health and nutrition but also to promote physical Holistic Healing and Health in the US.

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For your convenience we have provided the links below, just click
on the area of your interest and it will take you directly to that
area in the Holistic Healing Center online store.

Health Concerns  
Anti-Aging Supplements Anti-Cold and Flu Supplements
Anti-Depression Supplements Anti-fungal/Yeast Over Growth
Anti-Inflammatory Natural Supplements Anti-Microbial Supplements
Anti-Viral Supplements Anxiety Support Supplements
Auto-Immune Support Supplements Cancer
Diabetes Support Supplements Fibromyalgia & Cronic Fatigue Syndrom
High Blood Pressure Support High Cholesterol Support
Insomnia Leaky Gut Syndrom Support
Macular Degeneration Supplements Metabolic Syndrome Support
Natural Allergy Remedies Osteoporosis Support Supplements
Pain and Headache Peripheral Neuropathy
Ulcers and Heartburn Weight Loss Support

Healthy Bodies  
Bones and Joints Health Joint Support Natural Supplements
Natural Supplements for Strong Bones Brain and Nervous System
Digestive Health Best Digestive Enzymes for Meat Eaters
Probiotics Endocrine and Glandular
Remedies for Adrenal Gland Fatigue Thyroid Gland Support
Heart and Circulation Immune System
Respiratory System Skin, Hair and Nails

Healthy Lives  
Children's Health Energy and Vitality 
Men's Health Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Gland Health
Men's Daily Essentials Mental Health
Sleep Aids Dietary Supplements Seniors Health
Sexual Wellness Sport and Fittness
Stress Control Women's Health
Menopause and Hormonal Balancing Pre-natal Supplements. Women's Daily Essentials

Shop by Brand  
Apex Energetics  Designs for Health Nutritional Supplements
Herb Pharm Mannatech
Metagenics New Chapter
NewMark PhysioLogics
Wellness Works  

Amino Acids Antioxidants
Detox Remedies Essential Fatty Acid
Flower Essence Green Foods Herbal Remedies
Homeopathic Remedies Vitamins and Minerals
Calcium Co-Q10
Daily Multivitamins Folic Acid
Inositol Iron
Magnesium Manganese
Niacin Pantethine
Pantothenic AcidPhosphorus
Potassium Quercetin
Selenium Vitamin A
Vitamin B Complex Vitamin B1 
Vitamin B12 Vitamin B2
Vitamin B5 Vitamin B6
Vitamin C Vitamin D
Vitamin E Vitamin K

Holistic Healing Center is growing, so if you don't see a physical holistic health, holistic healing & clinical nutrition service that you are searching for in the list above, send us an email info@wholisticcenter.com and we will try to find a qualified holistic healing &nutrition practitioner in your area.



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