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If you have considered adding board certified Genetic Counselors to your hospital based programs in Oncology, Breast Cancer, Cardiology, Neurology or other areas of adult medicine,  Genetic Counseling Services offers you the framework to begin doing so.  

We offer On-site service,  Remote consultation or other custom arrangements.   Clinics supported by Genetic Counseling Services are provided rackcards for online contact information for patients who are deemed eligible for genetic counseling.  This facilitates our collection of patient information and easy online scheduling through our HIPAA secure portal.   Board Certified Genetic Counselor access allows your hospital to satisfy NAPBC accreditation standards and capture a steady stream of referrals of patients and familes who are investigating their susceptibility to diseases that can be treated and managed at your center.  

Contracting with Genetic Counseling Services can be handled on a capped monthly basis, or by customized arrangement. On-site Genetic Counselor arrangements may allow for your own physician billing, although monthly contractual (Per Diem or Case based) costs to Genetic Counseling Services remain separate.   We can also help you to design a combined system of remote and on-site genetic counseling, that is most beneficial to your service and budget.    

The following organizations, guidelines or position statements support the role of genetic counseling in program/clinic accreditation:

National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers

Colorectal Recommendations/Center for Disease Control

American College of Surgeons

S Preventative Services Task Force 

Re: Cardiac

Heart Rhythm Society

merican College of Cardiology

Supportive Statements of Other Organizations

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