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If you have considered adding Genetic Counseling to your medical practice,  Genetic Counseling Services offers you the framework to begin doing so.  

Patients who complete our Initial Assessment by telephone, often request further face-to-face genetic counseling in conjunction with specialists who are familiar with their concerns and their increased risk status.  Contracting with Genetic Counseling Services, on a capped monthy basis, or per your customized requests, allows you to capture a steady stream of referrals of patients who are interested in various medical services.    

Patients who access our service are offered the options of insurance-pay, self-pay or clinic-pay.   For those individuals who request the clinic option,   we offer a list of clinics which will accept the costs for preliminary genetic counseling, only to follow-up with genetic counseling (by us) and testing in the context of a hospital/office clinic visit.   We will help you to design a structure for a monthly clinic (initially) at your office -- based on the availability of your own clinicians, your specific resources,  and with regard to the types of services you wish to enhance with the expertise of a genetic counselor.

The following organizations, guidelines or position statements support the role of genetic counseling in program/clinic accreditation:

National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers

Colorectal Recommendations/Center for Disease Control

American College of Surgeons

Supportive Statements of Other Organizations

American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 

Cardiac Genetic Testing

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