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Join Prafi ... Proudly Respect and Accept a Friend's Identity
Welcome to Prafi Town, 
where the characters 
have their own learning styles and 
come from a different family structures.  Our original stories
for kids are funny and moral based.

Prafi's characters have WOW (Words Of Wisdom)!

Prafi is perfect for home, schools, organizations, and more.  My Prafi friends and I acquire important lessons learned in life and social skills through our mishaps and adventures.  Our most important lesson is to have Acceptance for All.  Now that’s a two thumper.

Sasha Squirrel’s Seashore Solutions are Superb! 
Well that’s what all my fans are saying about Prafi’s Conflict Resolution program.  Teaching kids anti bullying to and how to get along is a “Swish Of The Tail.”  Our interactive learning strategies build an understanding of character traits and communication skills.

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