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 Have you always wanted to start your own business but just didn't have enough cash?   Maybe you have the cash but recognize the wisdom of having a sound business plan in place.  Looking for a way to expand your current business but not sure how to write up a business plan that the bank lenders will love?  With more and more people trying to get business loans, the banks have become even more strict on their lending requirements. 

Down load your free sample business plan.  Take a look and read its contents carefully. .

Download FREE SAMPLE Business Plan Today

This 50 page document is yours for free to enable you to see the depth of business plan. Step by step you can develop your own Business Plan. It is said that entrepreneurs who fail to plan are planning to fail. If you plan to acquire financing, a well written business plan is essential to get investors or loans from banks. Take the time to write one and your business will not regret it.

We have business plans for various industries to name  just a few here:- 

  • Accounting, Finance and Banking
  • Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations
  • Arts, Entertainment and Media
  • Automotive and Transportation
  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Customer Service
  • Education and Training
  • Government, Non-Profit and Social Services
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Hotel, Restaurant and Travel
  • Information and Research
  • Internet and E-Commerce
  • Law Enforcement and Security
  • Management and Consulting
  • Manufacturing, Operations and Facilities
  • Personal and Professional Services
  • Real Estate
  • Sales and Retail
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Technology and Software
  • Telecommunications

The free no cost sample business plan is get you acquainted with a proper business plan, feel it and then you should develop your own plan. Business advice has never been so accessible and so affordable.


  • Give a detailed description of the business and its goals.
  • Discuss the ownership of the business and the legal structure.
  • List the skills and experience you bring to the business.
  • Discuss the advantages you and your business have over your competitors.


  • Discuss the products/services offered.
  • Identify the customer demand for your product/service.
  • Identify your market, its size and locations.
  • Explain how your product/service will be advertised and marketed.
  • Explain the pricing strategy.

Financial Management

  • Explain your source and the amount of initial equity capital.
  • Develop a monthly operating budget for the first year.
  • Develop an expected return on investment and monthly cash flow for the first year.
  • Provide projected income statements and balance sheets for a two-year period.
  • Discuss your break-even point.
  • Explain your personal balance sheet and method of compensation.
  • Discuss who will maintain your accounting records and how they will be kept.
  • Provide "what if" statements that address alternative approaches to any problem that may develop.


  • Explain how the business will be managed on a day-to-day basis.
  • Discuss hiring and personnel procedures.
  • Discuss insurance, lease or rent agreements, and issues pertinent to your business.
  • Account for the equipment necessary to produce your products or services.
  • Account for production and delivery of products and services.

Concluding Statement

  • Summarize your business goals and objectives and express your commitment to the success of your business.
Once you have completed your business plan, review it with a friend or business associate

The Small Business Administration (SBA) in your local area provides business help in a variety of different capacities. In addition to their extensive library of online resources, the SBA also offers free local workshops to business owners.

Being an entrepreneur comes with a thrill that can not be matched as an employee.  Some have simply great ideas after great ideas. They are curious and are always asking questions, "What if .." In addition many business men were also once office workers. They gave of their time and ideas, but felt stifled, when management did nothing with their creative input. Instead these types leave the office and start their own as businessmen using their own ideas, and it is not uncommon that once a  businessman gets taste of success, they keep going after it.

This web site is meant for entrepreneurs like you. Whether you need advice on financing or human resources, we are here to help you to achieve your goals and objectives. As a registered member you may log in to avail our services and free initial consulting and talk to us or email your questions. You may read leading articles on business and many more interesting topics. Your feed back will provide us with valuable information to improve our services.

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