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Here at Akpaco, we welcome our customer’s comments, questions, suggestions, and inquiries about different computer hardware products, digital and electronic gadgets, home and office appliances, and other related products. Please feel free to contact us through the different methods of communication below:
You can always send your message to our customer support and products assistance team via e-mail to the following addresses:

Office: 773-409-4733
Cell:    872-999-0224
Company: 877-315-1291
Fax: 877-315-3432

Mailing Address:
Akpaco Online Store 4814 N Clark St., Suite 311 Chicago, IL 60640-7769 United States

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If you are a regular customer here on our online store, you can also use the form below to send us a message.
For returning customers who have already registered, all you need to do is type in your information on the provided text box and continue composing your message to us. We welcome questions, comments, and inquiries about our computer hardware products, digital gadgets such as cameras, printers, tablets, and other home and office appliances and supplies that you might be interested in purchasing.
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We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with Akpaco Inc. We always update our inventory for the latest computer hardware and consumer electronics products. Our online store also has a wide selection of home appliances, office appliances and electronics such as printers, scanners, projectors, and much more! You can also purchase your favorite musical instruments on our online store.
Please check out our “Products” page for a complete list of our available stocks.