Personalized Photo Wall Clock

Personalized Photo Wall Clock

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Our shipping rates may vary depending on size of puchase and location. We offer our local customers various options, this includes free delivery with orders that exceed 50.00$ US and payment . Local shipping fees are 4.99$ US. For any other location outside of the Illinois area our shipping fee is 5.99$ US, this is subject to change depending on the purchase size; however, NO shipping fees exceed 10.00$ US. Shipments outside of the USA are to be determine at the time of puchase.


All orders will be processed immediately upon payment. Orders will be received  in 7- to- 10 days maximum.

Returning a Purchase:

At Sekretcreations we stand by our product and sincerely apologize for any inconviences in advance... Our personalized orders are very unique and can be modified to near perfection. Therefore, we encourage you to be specific in every detail with your purchases so that nothing is left out. Remember; these are your ideas and images, chose carefully when using words and photos. We have a 45 days open door policy for clothing and shoes. No exception after this time frame. 

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