Vastu For Home
Home is where we retreat to rest, relax and rejuvenate. It shelters our family and nurtures a sense of contentment, even amid the liveliness of an active lifestyle. If recurring health issues or chronic worries occupy a home, it may indicate the need to correct an imbalance. Like swimming against the current, natural strength becomes depleted against a greater natural force.

Residential | site selection, pre-construction advice & post-construction remedies
Rental Property | landlords & tenants
By Room | kitchen, bath, bedroom, windows & doors, staircase, study, garage
Home Office
Exterior | garden, garage, pools, decks, septic, landscaping
Vastu For Business
For many, a large part of daylight hours are spent in a work environment: office, warehouse, retail or restaurant. Clear thinking, consistent energy and sustained calm are influenced by the surroundings. To encourage greater productivity (and prosperity), a vastu consultant offers detailed actions to enhance and encourage positive energy flow.

Commercial | site selection, structure & pre-construction advice, post-construction remedies
Offices & Shops
Businesses | banking & insurance, malls & movie theatres, factories & industries, party & wedding halls, hospitals & medical facilities, hotels & restaurants, schools & institutions, showrooms

How much do you pay
Cost factor

Cost factor

How to avail free consultation:

Go to the enquiry form on contact us page and fill up the form in comment ask for Free advice.Take registration file number, it should be mentioned on all submission and communication.
Following documents would be needed after registration.
  1. Land/plot sketch.(please mark magnetic directions if not mentioned)
  2. Floor plan, if multiple floor send plan of all floor.(  please mark direction if not mentioned)
  3. Outside Photos of house showing front,rear and side views.
  4. Summary of all good events and sorrowful events ,if possible with dates happen to you after moving to this home/building/structure

Remember the IT phrase "garbage in garbage out" so make sure you give accurate information, for us to create value for you.

Scope of Free study;
Our expert will review information you would provide us. We will submit apprasal composed of list of structural defects which are responsible for misfortune and miseries, nevertheless also inform you good factors responsible for your success so you can maintain them, don't disturb them in ignorance.

Certain condition applies:

  1. You should be staying in this home/building for more then 2-3 years
  2. You should submit complete information in the below form.
  3. You should make 3-4 refferals.
  4. Free service is our gesture toward visitors, not visitors right. It is entirely our right to choose case and prioritize depending of sufferings undergone or on proactive basis where human life need to be preserved.
  5. Our time is absolutely free but one time registration and data management fee of $50 apply.

No calls please. We would be of no help unless we have full specific  information to assess your home.Till then,we encourage"email" communication.

Upon receiving your email, we will provide you with registration file number and forms to obtain target information to assess you current home.

How to avail paid consulting?

Both home and work sites are suitable for surveys, as well as building sites, to optimise design considerations.

Pre-purchase/pre-lease inspections are also recommended.

Email: and ask for questions and/or ask for a quote :-

or you can use the below "Enquiry Form" (scroll down) and clarify in the below format for requesting the quote :

Plot Inspection? y/n

Residential site :y/n
commercial site:y/n

Sqft area of plot :

Pre-construction advise for New Structure :y/n

Residential site :y/n
commercial site:y/n

Post-construction advise for Existing Structure :y/n

Residential site :y/n
commercial site:y/n

How many floors :
Sqft area of house/building :
How many rooms in the house /building :

Minimum Charge of $200 apply for service consultation on an average size structure and average size plot .(approx 2000 sqft structure and quarter of an acre of the plot)

Additional charges, if any, will apply based on extra sqft of the house /building more then the standard base sqft. and any complexity of the site/house/plot.

If you want us to visit physically the structure you would pay cost of travel plus other applicable expenses.

* A standard site should require no more than two hours attendance for site analysis, an hour for creation of report and map (if required), and consultation in the form of questions answered.

Payment options:

Advance payment of half the quote price at the time of registration and your Customer ID no.and follow instruction for information submission.

Make the balance payment only after the submission of our Real Vastu Audit report.



USA Telephone No.

USA Telephone No.

Are you a resident of United States ?

Are you a resident of United States ?

Answer "Yes" or "No".
If your answer is "Yes" please also specify the City and State.
If your answer is "NO" then ,kindly revert your questions to

Email Address

Email Address



Message / Comments / Questions

Message / Comments / Questions

How did you hear about us ?

How did you hear about us ?



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1. Type of Vastu Services Utlilized

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3.  Terms and Conditions

3. Terms and Conditions

Real Vastu Living,LLC, shall provide the services only after the receipt of 50% of the agreed payment being the amount of advance. After receipt of advance payment, if any of the services offered by Real Vastu Living,LLC could not be undertaken for reasons not attributable to the customer, the advance payment would be refunded to the customer subject to any law which may govern such transfer of money. No refund will be permissible if the services contracted could not be conducted for reasons attributable to the customer. Real Vastu Living,LLC passes on all recommendations/remedies of the Vastu experts with the best of intentions. Real Vastu Living,LLC does not accept any liability whatsoever on account of the recommendations/remedies except to the extent of passing on these recommendations/remedies to the customer. 
Any liability on Real Vastu Living,LLC on any account shall be restricted to the paid value of the service/product in question sold by Real Vastu Living,LLC only. Thus and Real Vastu Living,LLC shall NOT be responsible for any loss/claim/damage arising whatsoever due to your visit /use/purchase of any goods or services from any third party linked websites on website.
Prices quoted by for various services/merchandise include expenses incurred by for providing and procuring the service/merchandise, bank transaction charges, communication charges, shipping charges where applicable in case or any merchandise orderred through sourcing Real Vastu Living,LLC, except where it is indicated otherwise. Customers are requested to note that this is a requirement of the credit card issuing companies, and Vastu Living,LLC does not have much control over this matter. 
Real Vastu Living,LLC/ reserves the right to revise the prices at any time at its sole discretion without any notice. However the customer would be liable to pay only at the prices prevailing at the time of acceptance of his/her service order by
These General Terms and conditions (GTC) would be in addition to any other special terms and conditions which may be specified by Real Vastu Living,LLC/ for any particular services. These GTC would be valid for all transactions with Real Vastu Living,LLC/ done through this portal unless specified otherwise for any particular transactions.

Limitation of Liability 
In no event shall Real Vastu Living,LLC/ be liable, whether in contract or tort(including negligence) or otherwise, for any direct,indirect,incidental,consequential or punitive damages(including lost savings, profits or business interruption even if notified in advance of such possibility)arising out of or pertaining to the subject matter of this agreement or use of the website or any linked websites .
The sole and exclusive remedy of any party against by reason of a breach or default by of any of its obligations shall be return of any fees which have been paid by such party. The user of specifically agrees to these terms of use.Real Vastu Living,LLC/ and its affiliates provide the information and services on this site to you, the user, conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions and notices therein. Your use of these sites constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions and notices. The information and services offered on this site are provided with the understanding that neither Real Vastu Living,LLC/ nor its affiliates or users are engaged in rendering legal, medical, financial or other professional advice or opinion. Your use of the site is subject to the additional disclaimers and caveats that may appear throughout the site. 
Real Vastu Living,LLC/ and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any consequences relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction that you take based on the information, services or other material on this site. While Real Vastu Living,LLC/ strives to keep the information on this site accurate, complete and up-to-date, Real Vastu Living,LLC/ and its affiliates can not guarantee, and will not be responsible for any damage or loss related to, the accuracy completeness or timeliness of the information. You are using purely at your own risk with full awareness of this agreement and consequences involved and that you can not hold liable in any manner whatsoever for any transaction you might make, attempt to make or intend to make with or through with its affiliates sites or linked sites. Real Vastu Living,LLC/ do not represent or endorse the accuracy, completeness reliability of any advice, opinion, statement, or any other information displayed, uploaded, distributed linked through the website. The user acknowledges that any reliance upon any such use opinion, advice, statement or information shall be at the user's risk.

Real Vastu Living,LLC/ and /or its respective suppliers make no representations about the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness, and accuracy of the information, products, software, services and related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. All such information, software, products and the services and related graphics are provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. and/or its respective suppliers hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to this information, software, products, services and related graphics, including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement.

The prescriptions herein and therefore are based on knowledge of vastu/ fengshui consultant on his/ her knowledge & experience in this field. The opinion is solely based on information provided by the clients and the type of prevelant circumstances.The opinion of other/vastu/fengshui expert may be different. Our consultancy makes no warranty or representations regarding the accuracy or significance of any aspect of the vastu/ fengshui remedies & cannot be responsible for any interpretation or use that may be made of it. It must be clearly understood that every such remedies is accompanied by a prescribed method and procedure, which is expected to be followed by our clients. We are not responsible for direct or indirect claims for any negative functioning of any prescribed remedies made by us in the eyes of law.

*The effects of Vastu cures will depend onthe basis of which the defect was taken careoff.If the magnitude of defect was huge and it was remedied then the results will be instant.

This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the substantive laws of theUnited States and the state ofOhio, any action shall be initiated and maintained exclusively in a forum of competent jurisdiction in the state ofOhio.

5.  You will need A Paypal account for making payment

5. You will need A Paypal account for making payment

Open your account here-Its free and Safe-

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6. Payment



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7. Comment

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Fengshui Concepts on Life elements

Fengshui Concepts on Life elements

Water -Water as in trickling fountain, can signal networking, communication, professional opportunities and wealth, while running sink or toilet water that is just wasting water may signal loss of money or poor health. Wood promotes development and creative energies. Metal elements are transmitters or conduct energy, introduction of metal can generate attention and transmit energy to that area. The Earth itself has solidity and permanence to it, and the element of earth appropriately represents these qualities of stability, permanence, and home. This can be necessary in a space that is too full of movement. The element of Fire is considered the most powerful of all five elements and represents energy and passion
Vastu Science and Elements of Nature

Vastu Science and Elements of Nature

Space: Cosmic radiation,Air: Wind Energy,Fire: Solar radiation,Water: Gravitational attraction of the earth,Earth: Magnetic field of the earth. Vastu is the chain between man and nature. Everything is made up of basic five elements – FIRE, WATER, EARTH, SPACE, and AIR. Our planet has life because of the presence of these five elements. Each of the elements corresponds to a natural force that affects our lives. Our ascendants were great scientists and they understood the effects of the natural forces on the lives of human being.