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11"x15" TriSectional Cervical Hot and Cold Pack with Strap11"x15"  TriSectional Cervical Hot and Cold Pack with StrapA trisectional hot and cold pack with a Strap that is designed for your neck, shoulders,  and upper back area. 11"x15"
Cervical Traction Unit- Posture Pump 1100Cervical Traction Unit-  Posture Pump 1100The Cervcial Traction Posture Pump 1100S allows for restoration of the normal cervical curve in the neck
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Frequently Asked Questions about International Ordering on Our website

Where do We Ship Internationally?

We ship to many countries such as: Canada, Singapore, UK, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong and many other locations.

What products do you Ship Internationally?

We ship the cervical traction neck pillows and linear gravity pillows internationally. We also ship traction units, posture supports, hot and cold packs and home therapy products. 

How Do You Ship?

We ship via the Post Office, through Global express Mail and Priority Mail.

We do not ship via fedex, UPS or DHL for international customers. Recently as of October 2016 we have started to ship with APC. This international shipping service allows us to pay the customs fees for our international customers and makes the process of shipping to other countries more cost effective. Overall, a better experience for our international customers.

How Can I Make Payment?

Payment must be made via Paypal. Paypal is simply a way to make payment. We will email you an invoice for payment.You do not need a paypal account to make payment. We do not accept payment for international orders over the telephone. 

Once  you receive the invoice, you can use any credit card to make payment: visa, mastercard, amex, discover etc.

What Do You Need For Shipping?

Once we receive payment, we will  need your full mailing address, telephone number and email address. Even if you filled out our international order form, we still may email you for confirmation of the address. 

What happens If the Address I Provided is Not Correct?

The package will come back to us. You will not be refunded the shipping cost. You will be send another invoice for shipping. 

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping takes approximately 8-17 days, sometimes longer. Please note that the post office/ APC does not always update their system right away. We drop off pkgs right away, but the US Postal System does not always update it once it arrives at the post office. Please be patient with international shipping.

Will I be Charged a Customs Fees, once the package reaches my Country?

Yes this is possible. The post office may add custom fees once the package crosses the border. We do not have any control over the custom fees. You are responsible for these fees.

Can you Lower the Value of the Package when you Ship to Us?

Please do not ask us to lower the Value of the item when we ship via the post office. If a package gets lost, this information is necessary to file an inquiry/claim with the post office. Then we will be able to reship the item.

I have a International Billing address, but US Shipping Address. Can I order on the Website?

No you must contact us to order. You will not be able to order directly on our website through our regular order form. Simply contact us via this international order form, or contact us via email, and we will email you the shipping cost and quote.  We will ship to you USA address via fedex and provide you with the tracking information as well. 

- Customer Service at the Neck Pain Relief Shop

Please Fill Out the International Order Form



International Shipping Address :

Telephone Number:

Email Address:

What Product Would you Like to Order on Our Website?

Items we ship internationally Include:
  • Arc4life Cervical traction neck pillow (Medium)
  • Arc4life Cervical traction neck pillow (Large)
  • Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow (Small)
  • Dust Cover (Small, Medium, Large available)
  • Arc4life cervical traction neck pillow medium xfirm
  • Arc4life cervical traction neck pillow large xfirm
  • Linear Gravity Pillow (Small)
  • Linear Gravity Pillow (Medium)

Should we email you an Invoice?

Miracle Worker

"I have a bulging disc in my C7 vertabrae in addition to stiffness and pain that I am used to having. I usually have been able to deal with it in the past while using a memory foam pillow and sleeping on my sides. But now that I have a shoulder injury, I have had to try to sleep on my back and it has further complicated my neck and caused all sorts of problems. Was it my imagination, or did my neck miraculously get better after my first night? Like everyone else, I was sore in certain muscles, but so what! I do not have so many neck cracks or dizziness that I have been having. I read that this pillow is giving us traction and aligning the discs. If this is all true, then we are getting a physical therapy treatment every time we sleep. My neck is so much better now and I will have to be sleeping on this for the next 6 months post rotator cuff surgery. I just hope that the person/persons who invented this are on some beach somewhere sipping margaritas and getting some royalties because they deserve it! Thanks for giving me some healing!"
- Tymala, (Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia) April 28,2012

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