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Your pets trust you to make the right decisions for their health and nutrition. Pet Chef Express is dedicated to serving your pets with the highest quality pet food available today, and to provide our valued customers with convenient home delivery!  

Pet Chef Express pet foods contain only the highest quality ingredients with no wheat, corn or soy, no dyes, fillers or sweeteners. Nutrition Made Simple means that you may be assured that we consistently use only premium ingredients formulated and manufactured by professionals to give your pet the best balanced pet food available today. Every ingredient in our food serves an important purpose, and were chosen for their high nutritional content and digestibility.

No imported grains... our manufacturing facility has not been involved in any recalls! And, it is AHPIS (European Union)  certified!

100% Guaranteed - we save our customers time and money by offering Old Fashioned Service & Old Fashioned Value from Our Family to Yours!

                                            MADE IN THE USA! 

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