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Pet Chef Express is a local family business owned by Barb & assisted by Roger and Zoe. You may have met us at one of the farmers markets that fashions as our 'store'. We focus on providing your pets with the highest quality Pet Chef Express food & treats, and their owners with the convenience of free home delivery. We have been in operation since 2000 and are part of a nationwide consortium.

We were convinced that Pet Chef brand was superior after seeing the change in our long-haired Torti cat, Alice. She was on one of the popular brands of pet store food when we got her from a local shelter.. Nothing but the best for my Alice - she was my baby. But, when we switched her to the Pet Chef brand, within a month we noticed her fur was so much shinier and softer. She didn't throw up hairballs anymore either, and she just seemed healthier overall!

We keep up to date on the latest developments in pet food nutrition, and incorporate ingredient and formula changes that are found to be beneficial for our pets health and for a longer life.

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