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Beef Treat - Grain free
Bully Stick 12"A favorite all natural chew - very digestible!
Bully Stick 6"Smaller version of our most popular digestible chew.
Chicken Chips Made in USA 3ozChicken Breast Chips are made in the USA - no import worries! Tasty nickle sized treats for every dog!
Dental Chew - MediumIngredients: Potato starch, glycerin, powdered cellulose, lecithin, brewers yeast, alfalfa extract, annatto extract, malt extract.
Protein min 1.1%, Fat 2.3% -4%, fiber max 13.7%, moisture max 12%

For dogs 9 months and older, and minimum of 25 lb in weight. Monitor dog while chewing and ensure dog adequately chews the product. Swallowing without chewing may be harmful or fatal. 

Himalayan Cheese Chews -Small - Blue
Joy Sticks 
KnucklesKnucklesUSA Beef Knuckle
Lamb Filets 3oz Great convenient, tasty treat....especially for training!
Marrow bone 7"USA Marrow Bone
Pig Ear 
Salmon Sausage sticksIngredients: Salmon, brown rice, salt, calcium, zinc, citric acid, rosemary, vit E, ginko, guar gum, garlic, collagen casing
Turkey Sausage 12"Turkey Sausage 12"Turkey Sausage 12"
Turkey, rice flour, sugar, sodium lactate, salt, garlic, sorbic acid, citric acid, mixed tocopherols, vegetable oil, rosemary extract.
Protein 15% min, Fat 20% min, Fiber 1% max, moisture 17% max

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