If you are serious about promoting a website, and you spend an appropriate amount of time doing it, eventually you are going to hit a wall. That wall manifests itself in the feeling that you have done, and are doing everything possible to promote your site. Your rate of traffic growth slowly begins to level off. Where your traffic would increase dramatically every month, maybe 40% more traffic in one month than the month before, now you are getting 10% more traffic this month than last month. You have hit a plateau. You have a few options at this point:

  1. You could slow down or give up promoting, and be satisfied with your current level of traffic.
  2. You could increase your monthly advertising budget, and buy more traffic.
  3. You could invent a new unique way to generate traffic to your site.
  4. You could use some leverage.

Probably, your real options are buying more traffic, and leverage.

Buying traffic should be a part of any commercial website promotion strategy. Affiliate programs, banner campaigns, newsletter ads, bid-ranked search engines, etc… But like with all things, you cannot be over dependent on purchased traffic. So purchasing more traffic is effective to a point.
Your other option is using leverage. Leverage as it relates to Internet marketing is using traditional promotion techniques and leveraging them off one another to make them more effective.

For example, let's look at how a typical website might use the Usenet as a promotion tool. Typically a website owner, would find newsgroups where she might appropriately (being careful not to spam) advertise her products for sale. She would include her website URL and email address in every post. If things went well, she would get a few unique visitors to her site as a result of her efforts on the Usenet. Pretty straight forward.

However, if she understood the principle of leverage marketing, she wouldn't stop there.... (30 + points to follow)

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