A FavIcon is a small image (16x16 pixels) used to uniquely identify your site. There are some minor differences in the way browsers display favicons.
FavIcons show up on Internet Exporer's Favorites menu and address bar when you bookmark your site.
FavIcons appear on the address bar and page tabs of Firefox and Mozilla-based browsers.
FavIcons are also displayed on the address bar of Safari / Mac OS X.

To create a favicon use the free site FavIcon from Pics (http://www.chami.com/html-kit/services/favicon)

Upload your favicon via FTP to your root directory - not the uploaded directory (although this will work as well). Name the file favicon.ico.

Edit your background page (or any pages you wish the favicon to appear on) add the following to the Head section of the Page under the
Advanced Tab:
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/files/12345/favicon.ico"> (replace "12345" with your license number)
You could also use an animated favicon if you have an animated gif 16x16 pixels. Add the following to the Head section of the Page:
<link rel="icon" href="/files/12345/uploaded/animated_favicon.gif" type="image/gif">

If you have a domain name - just simply uploading the favicon.ico the the root directory (not the uploaded directory) via FTP is all that is necessary for the favicon to show up.
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