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· From this tab, you are able to administer over the forum, blog, or message board.

Herein, you can add new posts to the thread, audit replies (posts) from visitors, rate the posts, and delete old or unwanted posts on the forum, blog, or message board.

Add Post

· To add a post to this forum, blog, or message board, click the Add button. Then you will need to enter the appropriate information within the provided fields.


· As you view the posts within the Posts submenu, you will see an Audited checkbox within each separate post row If you select the Audited checkbox of the post, then the post will be displayed.

The Audited checkbox is only seen if the Require Audit checkbox is selected within the Edit submenu.

Edit or Delete a Post

· Click a Post Row, or click the row and then click the Edit button, to edit the post.

While editing the post, you are able to censor the information provided in the post. This is especially useful in restricting or omitting objectionable content.

Text Format

· Herein you are able to edit the posts of the forum, blog, or message board.


· If the Audited box is checked, then the post will be displayed within the forum.

Author, Title, and Post

· The text within each of these fields is displayed within the forum. These editable fields give you the opportunity to edit any of the material therein.


· The URL field allows authors to include a URL with their post. The text within the URL field becomes a link below the post.

Once you have the information that you need on your forum. Click on Done. Under the main Site tab, then the sub Options tab on the right side. You will need to select the forum that you would like to you within your RSS Feed. And then you would need to republish your site for this change to take effect. But then any updates on your forum will automatically update your RSS Feed.

See you next week!

Robert Schow

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